What pushed us towards starting Learner's Collective?

Human life is only a subset of a complex, finely balanced, thriving multi-organism planet that we call home. The hardwired principle guiding all life is the need to adapt to its ever-changing environment and improve survival for future progeny. Billions of years of evolution have converged to our present point in time. And though human history has made massive strides, some fundamental principles remain unchanged. We still protect our young, guide them to survive and try to prepare them to adapt to their environment.

Traditional schooling was based around the intersection of societal efficiencies and limited access to knowledge. And while that structure largely managed to negotiate changing eras, at no other point in time has it been more challenged than the present. The last decade of the IT revolution provides easy access to information and is redefining the roles of both student & teacher in the learning process. This churn has led many to reconsider what education means to them & pursue new ideas & alternative methodologies to address their concerns.