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LC Newsletter 39: Yr 21-22

23 July 2021

Dear Parents,

Yet another washed out week for some of us. The rains have been merciless but atleast thankful that we are among those who have not been affected. World over nature's fury is lashing and people are suffering. Is this climate crisis or just a fluke of natural events? Time will only tell.

Few highlights of this week:

कर के सिखो

This time we got many of our pending things addressed. We have a swanky looking carpentry rack. We have finished making the tag board. All of them helped in drilling and cutting pieces of wood for their tags. They also used machines and were told safety rules for using them. 


One of us, a 7 year old, was flipping through the jungle gym and landed on her hand. It could have been a perfect landing had it not been for a slight bit of delay. This has put her right hand in a plaster cast for three weeks. She took the whole episode in a stride, not throwing a tantrum or crying. She was extremely understandable and astonishingly mature. 

This episode has put the facilitators on a high alert mode and there is going to be an extended discussion on Monday's judiciary.

Creative Writing in LC

A parent volunteer joined us this week to start a writing club. She will come once in a week to interact with kids to teach them how to write stories, articles and scripts. There are some surprises in store for you in the coming week.

ALC (Arts Learners’ Community)

This is the advantage of digital empowerment. Geographic distances are not a deterrent any more. Opportunities and possibilities to connect with anyone is now limitless. With this in mind, BeMe asked us to join their Arts Learners Community, where kids can showcase their works. This is something that has been co-created along with the children. There are some really interesting works by kids who are trying various digital mediums. 


The online chess with BeMe community is going well. It's a tournament and much like rapid chess. Few of our kids are really enjoying it and are at it week after week. Let us see how long the interests last.

Friday Food

Bhel was the popular choice this week. It seemed very well managed. The number of ingredients were minimum and it seemed the only big job that remained was to mix all of it in a large bowl and serve. 


Vinayak Sir taught some really cool exercises. We observed that a few kids have become a pro at doing cart wheels. Some of the facilitators are also trying along. Some of them were catching their breaths after pushing a tyre filled with weights worth 10 kgs. He plonked a few tyres behind children and taught them how to do backflips. 

Reminder: Parents’ meeting at LC at 10 am on 24th July.

That's all for now. Stay safe and take care!