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LC newsletter 45: Yr 21-22

3 Sept 2021,

Dear Parents,

One more week is done and dusted. Let's see the highlights of this week.


We discussed about those who were not able to present their projects on the project day, a unanimous decision was taken that they can’t go scot free…:) So they will present their work once they are back. With that effect one of the learners presented his project on Anime. 

We want to get a bit more serious about plastic waste management. Hence kids were explained how to segregate and collect the plastic waste at home. We are trying to collaborate with a waste collection agency who can drop at our centre to collect the waste. It will become convenient for us and also will initiate some awareness.

Everyday the wind up time alarm will ring at 12.40 and kids who are on housekeeping duty will do their jobs and the rest will pick up their bags and play in the compound. This will give the ones on duty to set up the space without any hindrance.

Heavy Rainfall- boon or bane?

On Tuesday due to heavy rainfall, LC was conducted online. Many complained of it being very boring and the lack of jungle gym during online LC were stifling them. They didn’t get to play with each other and all of these things made their day a very bad one. A few liked LC online, since they can minimize the screen during the sessions and watch youtube undisturbed…:) 

LC Times

We have a lot of horror stories cooking. Some of them have ghosts, murder and some have a twist of comedy. I don’t want to spill the beans here, as it is still under production. I can imagine the wait for it is killing all of us…:) Let’s see!

Friday Food

Yes, it's back with a bang. Sweet corn bhel, it was. The chef was one of our newcomers but clearly (not a noob in LC language) not new to this field of cooking. He looks like has got some experience under his sleeve. Him and his partner cut everything swiftly, everything was organised and nothing spilled over. Cleaning after the works was also very efficient. Bhel was prepared and served in a jiffy. Impressed by his own work he says, “I think I can manage next week’s contract also...”


Mr. Devendra Jiman, a manager from a company called Sampurn Earth who had visited us today. His company collects and recycles all kinds of plastic waste. They have a segregation shed in Bhandup and we are looking to collaborate with them so that they can set up a collection centre here at LC. He spoke to kids about why plastic is used so rampantly. It has given us convenience and has become a necessary evil. To seggregate and recycle them is the only solution for future. We will keep you updated, but meanwhile kindly stop dumping plastic waste in the dustbin and start collecting.

Abdullah Sheikh, who is an arts teacher, had come to visit us today. He also is Sahir’s teacher and that's how Shilpa and Pravin introduced him to us. Thank you both for connecting us. He also happens to be a singer of Rabindra sangeet and also a drama artist. He sang for us too. As you can see a complete package of arts. He will take a few sessions with our kids depending on what they like. It will be a good idea to buy your kids a decent sketch book. Supplies are enough in LC. The sessions will begin from next week thursday. Just few days ago he had his exhibition at Jahangir Arts Gallery, a video of which we will send in our WA group. Did I mention he also happens to be a homeopathic doctor? 


“Wonder”, a movie about a 10 yr old boy who has facial deformity. A very heart felt movie with intense drama about family, growing up, social acceptance, inclusivity and struggles. This movie is particularly nicely crafted because it shows the perspective of all the key characters. It doesn’t have overflowing emotions or anything like that, everything is just right in proportions. And ofcourse all the kids loved it. It has an intense episode of bullying which some of the kids could relate to very well. 

Food for thought

We would like to share the story of Arvind Gupta. Maybe you already know about him. If I were to describe him in a single word then it would be, “Magician”. Here’s his biography in Marathi and his TED talk. Hope you enjoy reading it.

That’s all for now. Stay safe and stay healthy!