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LC Newsletter 49:Yr 21-22

1 Oct 2021

Dear Parents,

It only felt like monday morning and now it is friday evening. Time flies, I knew but since when has it been in fast-forward mode? Anyhow let’s see what all things we did this week.


This time the judiciary meeting was very much to the point. Nothing in particular to report, besides that guests on fridays will be called on alternate weeks. Guests are good, they give us different perspectives. Not just that interested parents also get a tiny glimpse of what actually happens in LC. But in the attempt to entertain them we are lagging behind in finishing some of our key chores. 

कर के सिखो

We had a different flavour of कर के सिखो this time. Turn out on Wednesday was low because of the rains in the morning. Plus few of them were not allowed in this session because they were put out as they were identified as ruckus creators in the last session. The ones who were present did Scratch and learned how to make some games. Two of the younger ones learnt how to make electronic circuits too. There were a few who didn’t bother anyone else and were playing in the play zone. It felt quite sorted and peaceful. 

World War II

Our geography sessions are taking some turns towards history. The intention was to make them aware of the maps and how they have undergone changes through years. These changes have been influenced by the wars that have been fought through history. It was very interesting to see how they were changing sides and cheering for nations as the battles were won and lost. Kids were glued to their places not even wanting to go play after half an hour.

Object Discussion

The idea of moving away from pure academic subjects to having holistic discussion culminated in having different electives like problem solving, finance and object discussion. We picked up some very handy everyday use articles and asked what kids already know about them. What they wondered and built some learning around it. Starting from bicycle, paper, bats and balls, shoes, incense sticks,magic cars, mosquito racquets to prism and glass slabs. It gave us an opportunity to think in different ways and touch upon different subjects like history, finance, mechanics, physics and chemistry. Let's see if children opt to continue this with a small break in the coming semester.

Friday Food

The fruit-salad medley was on the menu today. We had a rookie food manager this time who at first was reluctant but we nudged him to take up the responsibility. Kids are becoming chopping experts now. All of them barring a few didn’t eat rest all of them had a generous three servings. I must say it was a pretty healthy option for a snack too.

Plastic recycling

Congratulations to you all for saving our wastes from going to the dumping grounds. We collected approximately:

16.8 kg of soft plastic 

20.44 kg of paper and cardboards

10.94 kg of glass

16.44 kg of hard plastic

0.58 kg of electronic items

A total of 65 kgs of waste, it may not look a lot but it's a small step. We can already see it becoming a movement and soon it will catch like wildfire. I am sure you will tell your family and friends and they will tell theirs. We need to make a change here, drastically and urgently. Do you want to hear a story about plastics? Here it is, The Story of Plastic (Full Documentary)

Schedule for the month of October

Believe it or not we are coming towards the closure of this semester. So there are a few rituals we need to do before we break for this semester. First a detailed self evaluation form, along with feedback for facilitators and then also a peer review assessment. After which they will have a one-on-one talk with their mentor. Finally then there will be a review meeting with parents. Here is a schedule for the same. We will send a schedule sheet with timings so that you can pick the timings for the review meet. Presence of both the parents would be greatly appreciated.

15th October - Holiday for Dussehra

18th & 19th October - Review meeting with Parents + kids

21st October - Project day

22nd October - Last working day for this semester

23rd October - ‘Let’s Samjhte He’ (Family get together) Time:10 am 

Food for thought

Here is a blog from Aarohi Life Education, on “Open learning is like…”

Aarohi is a beautiful place, around 50 km from Banglore, near Hosur, run by Aditi and Ratnesh Mathur.

Do plan to visit it when time and corona permits :)

Open learning is like ... | Aarohi Life Education

Until next time...stay safe!