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LC Newsletter 50: Yr 21-22

8 Oct 2021

Dear Parents,

We are coming to the closure of this semester and it's time to wrap things up. Tying the loose ends and looking back on how we did. I particularly like this part of LC when things are checked and assessed before we move on. It is time to reflect and learn. Let’s see what happened this week...

First of all few key Information for this month:

a. Kindly be reminded that the 2nd installment of this year’s fees, Rs. 50,000 is due by the end of this month, October.

b. Before you come for the review meeting, kindly remember the following:

  1. to Be on time…:) according to the time slots selected. We have a very tight 30 min slot for everyone. Let us make the most of it.
  2. Please read the review with your child. This is also written for them. Please do not show up without reading the review…:)
  3. Have a discussion with your child about their next sem’s goals.
  4. Come prepared with 2-3 goals, that can be measurable. 
  5. Let us be practical. Set the expectations with our children in a realistic way. 

This will help us document all of this in a systematic way. 


We briefed kids about filling the self assessment forms, facilitator reviews and peer reviews. They briefed about their progress or the lack of it in terms of the preparation for the 23rd Oct event. 

Judicious use of resources is always an issue for us facilitators. It's never enough to state and reinstate the need for order and being delicate towards our tools and resources. I think we need to keep reminding them about it.

Prep work for “Let’s समझते हैं

Kids are participating and deciding their programs for 23rd Oct. At times there’s everyone in the drama but no story. Sometimes there's a story but no one to act. No one wants to pick up the bad character’s role. It’s been a challenge for those kids who want to direct and take control…:) It’s an uphill and a downhill task if you think about it, convincing others to act and then keeping them happy so that they don’t run away!!


We are wrapping up all our sessions and sort of bringing them to conclusion and closure. We revised again all the concepts we have taken so far in these sessions. Surprisingly they all remembered some amount of it. For one of the sessions I told them, “Picture अभी बाकी है दोस्तेां” which meant the show was not over yet. They will have to put in practice everything that they have learnt in that session in the real world. It's going to be a final culmination of things and concepts. Let’s see how they fare next week. If they tank, then blame me. If they succeed then, we will congratulate them…:)

Gymnastics Test

Vinayak Sir has devised a unique way of testing children’s stamina and measuring their calibre in different sports through a set of physical tests. This test took three whole sessions which took two weeks and was finally completed today. It measures the child’s flexibility, stamina, calibre, endurance, quick responses, etc. We will wait for him to finally give us some conclusive results on the performances of our kids. 

Special Math sessions

We now routinely sit together for some math practice in the morning before any of the other sessions begin. Mind you..this is for only those who have been struggling a bit and need some extra help. We started with only 3-4 in the beginning and the numbers are increasing now. Few of the days this week we had 8 kids sitting to do math. There are two things to understand from this, either kids are struggling all of a sudden or kids are voluntarily doing math or doing it for the company of their friends.

Movie Club

The Karate Kid, a 1984 movie which is a quintessential underdog story of a teen boy who venges against his bullies. This movie is credited to popularise karate in the US after it became a blockbuster hit. It is a nice feel good movie where the young boy comes out shining with victory.


Rupesh Gesota who is a Math teacher, a friend of ours visited us today. He was given a tour of LC and was seen engaging with kids. He asks them questions to probe their minds and has a knack of getting their attention in unique ways. 

That's all for this week...until next time,