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LC Newsletter 61:Yr 21-22

21 Jan 2021,

Dear Parents,

We had quite an exciting week. We met with different kinds of people and engaged with different activities.

Here’s how it was…


There were quite a lot of agenda this time.

  1. Safety concerns about hanging upside down on the jungle gym: It was decided that children will take utmost care while they are on it, and pay full attention to their bodies and others around.
  2. Individual time- 12-1 pm is designated as individual time where every child will dedicate that time doing his goals, worksheets, self study or project work.
  3. Table mats will have names written on it so that we can identify the mats which are left unattended after food activity is over.
  4. Dogs are allowed inside the compound of LC but not within.

Microscope in our Pocket

Rohini, who has a PhD in microbiology, came to visit us. She is a scientist and a science communicator. She works for a Science journal and makes digital illustrations of her discoveries through a microscope. She gifted us four packs of microscopes which she taught us how to assemble. This is the website you can find the details of the same…

Lunch Time

Lunch times are very interesting. There are distinct groups made, one group is that of adolescents who talk about crushes, second one is a group that wants to play STD and third is a group that plays Business board game. It's quite a lively time, everyone is eating from each other’s tiffins and food is getting shared and passed. There are a few who can’t finish their tiffins and rely on facilitators to finish it. It's nice they look at us mothers who would finish the remaining food. But if we gain weight then we know whom to blame.

Battle Cry - Bamboo sticks war

It was unique in a way. Everyone except for a single child got into it, what we call a new wave in LC. Bamboo sticks war. It started with a small act of defiance. The adolescents sit together for lunch everyday. Apparently, the girls among the group clean up after everyone has eaten. But today they decided, was going to be different and asked the boys to do it. They said we won’t take this “Gender Bias Nonsense”. Later we saw all the girls in one team and boys in another fighting with each other with bamboo sticks. It seemed to have whetted their appetite for more. They battled again, this time inside with mats on the floor, girls Vs. boys in the form of कुश्ती |

Ground Closed

The grounds/gardens under BMC are closed to the public. So even though we reached, we were asked to leave after 20 mins.

Friday Food

Two of our 8 year olds were the food managers today. They made chana chaat. It was tasty and चटपटा, nicely managed and executed.

Movie-Documentary Club

We saw a short film by NatGeo which is called, “Earth:Making of a Planet”. The idea was to actually finish the entire documentary by 3pm, if everyone ate their lunch on time. But half of it is still left, which we will see next week.


Ruchita with her two kids, had come to visit us. This is the third time she has come to LC, but first time with her kids.

Rashmi, with her three kids, Niyati (16), Parth (12) and Shivam (5) had come yesterday. They live in Goregaon and are struggling with the thought of commuting to LC, in case the kids decide to join LC.

Plastic Drive

One of the parent introduced us to Vidya who is a vlogger and youtuber. She featured our kids doing the plastic collection drive. The reason, means and ways of doing it. She is a high energetic person who engages with kids at their level. She told them about how to video shoot and how to become a youtuber. Hopefully we will engage with her more often.

That's all for now, stay safe and stay healthy!