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LC Newsletter 63: Yr 21-22

4 Feb 2022

Dear Parents,

We hope you all are doing great. Here’s the itinerary for the coming sundays…

6 Feb - 10am to 1pm - LC open day. You are welcome, but not required. It's meant for new parents. Kindly circulate the poster sent on the WA group.

13 Feb - 10am to 1pm - LC Parents’ Meeting. This is going to be our first विचार मंथन. The agenda is to meet and greet a few new parents and discuss the LC way of learning.

20 Feb - Beach visit - Put on your gloves and roll up your sleeves, one of the parents is taking us on a beach cleaning drive.

Now here’s the highlights for this week…


One of the attractive things about the judiciary is that it's not mandatory. Since we have representatives, everyone need not come. But what we figured is that the reps do not communicate and the junta doesn’t seem to care. We have tried to plug this hole and now lets see if the information is reaching all.

Circle Time

Remember, we had written resolutions on chits of papers on Jan 3rd when LC reopened? We have carefully preserved these chits in a pouch, not to be forgotten but to be remembered once every starting of the month. So we re-looked at our promises and have safely kept it back. We would like to share a few from the precious pouch, “I will try not to get angry”, “I will eat whatever is cooked by my mother”, “I will speak politely”, “I want to reach my classes on time”, etc.

Project Day Preparations

One of the conclusions from last time’s project presentations was that some of them should continue to work with the same topic. This was because they must have either made the presentations without doing adequate research or made it in a haste. And ofcourse there is a lot of scope for improvement. Most of them agreed to that, so the dilemma of choosing the topic is not there this time. Btw, the project day is always on the last thursday of the month.


Wondering if your kids are all of a sudden doing homework? Yes, it's because we have tried to tighten the screws a bit at our end. We observed that the idea of giving the workbooks in a way of self study and them doing it at their pace isn’t working. Clearly not working. So we are on a course correction mode where we are establishing a habit where kids will understand that there’s some commitment to coming here.

For adolescents daily HW commitment is about 30 mins and pups have one HW/day, something they can finish by 20 mins (provided they wish to).


Finally the sign up charts are up. There is a Debate and Literary club, Embroidery, Drama, Dance and movements, Gardening and of course Harry Potter Fan Club. There is some enthusiasm and now let’s see how this unveils.


The versatile Popatlal of Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chasma had come to LC. Few weeks ago, his wife Rashmi and 3 kids came to explore. They are interested in doing a trial period with us, but commuting is a challenge for them.

Saroj, who is a mother of a 15 yr old, had come to LC. She is a sister of one of our facilitators and is an eco living enthusiast. She is a vegan and a freak for not using plastic.

Food for thought

I highly recommend watching these two videos. These are TedTalk videos that talk about how to talk to kids and why is parenting such a crisis?.

1. How to talk (and listen) to your children

2. This one is about 18 mins but is interesting and also funny.

That’s all for now…see you all tomorrow or next week!