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LC Newsletter 64:Yr 21-22

11 Feb 2022

Dear Parents,

One more week of events and activities have passed. Here are a few highlights of the same.

Let me today introduce you to the LC lingoes and phrases, btw, these come and go. Following are the few trendy ones currently. Let me put you out of misery in case you were wondering what your kids are blabbering at home.

OP: This is an acronym for “Over Powered”. This is a term used online among gamers. This means a character, item, or something else in a game is perceived as too powerful.

Pro: This is an easy one, it is a short form for “Professional”, meaning someone who knows his/her work very well and is an expert.

Bhaisaab: This is a difficult one for me too. I can’t figure out if this means anything more than what actually it means. So my investigation is going on.

Noob: Opposite of Pro. The usage is so common that sometimes they have a couple of “noobs” in one sentence.

Jinx: This is a fresh one and doesn’t literally mean what it means. Its usage is when two noobs (oopss!) talk the same thing at the same time.

Hello friends, chai pilo!: This of course is the opening line of the youtuber whose video went viral around the world. Even the Mumbai Police used it on twitter, “Hello Fraands, Helmet Pehen lo for Safe-tea”.

Some other news…

Lunch time is becoming one of the most exciting time of the day. The amount of chatter and noise is incredible. Also the playground days are back, since gardens are open to the public now.

Circle Time

As you know circle times are always on Thursday mornings and it's meant for communicating with all. This time a few kids raised some really good issues. One of them spoke about groupism. There’s a group of adolescents and then there is a group of 7 year olds. Since it came as a request and not as an accusation, others welcomed the feedback and agreed to be more vigilant about each other's feelings.

The second issue raised was that of “Crush talk”. Few kids don’t like their names being dragged and they objected to it.  Some of the  counter arguments were “why don’t you learn to ignore?”, “Only because you don’t like it why should we not have fun?”. The conclusion was that those who want to have fun can have and leave the ones who don’t.

Movie Club


It is a small hindi movie with a good cast. It's a mix of horror and comedy. This is the first time we are watching something close to horror for the kids. Certain scenes with suspense music background kept a few kids on edge. Some of them repeatedly stepped out under the pretext of wanting to drink water and wash hands. Their friends were quick to catch them and call them scaredy cats.

Community Service

This was one of the most neglected sessions. In an attempt to revive it, we are thinking of spreading awareness of plastic waste segregation and collection drive in our vicinity. The adolescents were asked to step out and talk to locals who live closeby. Kids spoke to the residents who live in the opposite building. The response from them was hot and cold. Some were too eager to participate and encouraged our kids for taking the initiative, while few others scolded them. This is an activity that they will continue in the coming weeks, till we form a solid community with an aim to segregate plastic waste.

Friday Food

Unlike all the other weeks, this time the kids didn't show any interest so facilitators thought of making something that is doable and easy for kids to make at home. Since all the facilitators are health freaks, they decided to make green smoothie. We figured that many kids either have allergies or don’t like drinking milk at home. So this was a super healthy substitute for the morning milk. Ask them how it was made and encourage them if they want to make it at home.


Sujata, who is a dance trainer and teacher, had come to visit us to take a trial class for dance and movements. This is the second time that she is coming and if there are enough sign ups then we will have her once a week for dance/movement club.

Megha, a parent with her son Amaar who is 5 years old, had come. Amaar has never been to a school before. He likes to play and is a very curious child.

That's all for now…see you all tomorrow!