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LC Newsletter 66:Yr 21-22

25 Feb 2022

Dear Parents,

Few reminders and notifications before we start this week’s highlights.

A reminder for those who have not paid yet, kindly pay the fees by the end of this month. We are coming close to the end of this academic year. So here is what’s planned:

Goal Review Meetings: Mar 21st to Mar 25th. We will send an excel sheet for picking time slots for the meetings.

Last working day of LC: 8th April

Let’s समझते हैं: 9th April

Vacation Begins: 10th April

LC Starts: First monday of June


In mini geography, kids were asked to hitch a train ride from Mumbai to Darjeeling; Trivandrum to Manali, ofcourse on the map. They were to find atleast 5 major train stations and figure an alternate route to reach the destination. It was a cumbersome proposition since they had all the things mixed up in their heads. To understand the geographic proximity of these places, we played the hot-cold game.

Project Day

We have to admit there were certain improvements. Many of them have taken themselves seriously this time. At least half of them came in semi formal attire. Some of the presentation topics were a repeat, in an attempt to better themselves the second time which turned out to be a good idea. The general decorum among the kids during the presentations was also better.

The topics included, The great Migration, Ramanujan, Hallowe’en, Rubic’s Cube, Invention of Cars, Bharatnatyam, Snakes, Crocodiles, Weight Lifting, Egyptian Mummy, Hijab Controversy, LTTE, Great Kings of India, Shade Balls, Story of Karna, Ayurveda, Sachin Tendulkar, Poems in three languages, Singing performance and Great wall of China. Many thanks to Rinkal and Nikhil for having endured the presentations and giving meticulous feedback.

Next month we might try the group projects, lets see.

Community Service: Plastic Waste Segregation

Friday morning two residents from the adjacent buildings walked in with their plastic waste. They came a day late but we were so happy to see that they took us seriously and came to drop in their waste. All this effort might come to fruition. The intention is to create a single plastic waste segregation point (which will be at LC) for all the residents on the Shree Vallabhdas Swami Marg road. Kids are game to make informative videos on how to and why to segregate plastic, which we will circulate among the residents.

Friday Food

We have got a swanky kitchen pantry now. Small but sufficiently efficient! We need to populate it with a few necessities, which will happen in the coming few days. The food managers this time decided to make tomato omelette. It was a dedicated and coordinated effort. They divided the work into chopping, washing and cooking. With minimal instructions from our side, they took complete charge, and also served.

Movie Time

We saw Monsters Inc, an animated movie. A fun and light hearted movie after many weeks of documentary watching. So all have been eagerly waiting. The movie is very funny, there are many moments when kids all burst out laughing together. Due to internet connection issues we couldn’t finish the movie beforehand, hence we didn’t get time for doing sharings. But otherwise it was fun to watch.

Last week’s guest Rithwi is doing her trial period with us. She is making one friend a day and loves to cut amla and serve everyone.

Thats all for now…see you tomorrow at the beach!