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LC Newsletter 67:Yr 21-22

4 Mar 2022,

Dear Parents,

Time flies! One more week gone. And I am sitting here and collecting the dust of what’s left in my memory. Maybe it's my pensive mood today, since I came back from a funeral in the family. It is an eerie feeling, you know. Death is not for the dead, but for the ones who are left behind. Isn't it?

Coincidentally this week one of the kids asked me if I would be sad when he leaves LC. I tried to pretend that I wouldn’t be since it's not called leaving but moving on. I was overthinking that my true response would break his strength. On hindsight who knows? Maybe the truth would have strengthened him.

Anyways, should we move on to this week’s highlights…:)

Circle Time

It was time again to revise our new year’s resolutions, some spoke it aloud, some wanted to change it and some proclaimed they have already achieved it. It was an utter confusion. But I hope this is helping them to remember their promises once in a while, and hopefully make some difference in their lives.

Let’s समझते हैं

We have kickstarted the preparations for Let’s समझते हैं. We read the feedback and suggestions we had received from last time’s. So we discussed and remembered it well. Now that doesn’t mean the ball has started rolling, all we can say is that we had a talk. How this will organically evolve is to be seen in weeks to come. But there is excitement and lots of ideas flying around.


We covered the Russian and Ukraine crisis several months ago in our Geopolitics session. We did an update on the same issue, and kids were excited and picking sides and arguing what Ukraine and World could do to stop the aggressor. They were discussing how if they had superpowers they could save Ukrainians.


There is a new club called the Tables club, kids have volunteered to participate to make themselves better at knowing/reciting the tables. At the end of the month there's going to be a competition to see how much one has improved. Prize is self satisfaction.


Quick wit, team play, rapid response are the skills you need or will learn in this session. If you have these then you can sustain yourself, or get out like a noob. Also a bit of self deprecating humour would do you good. Making people laugh always wins you points.


The Bahubali spoof was generated within half an hour after the regular gymnastics session. What surprised me the most is not what kids were able to do. But what Vinayak Sir was able to achieve with our goofy lot. It was incredible. Getting all of them organised and to make them follow instructions is a big task. Hopefully you have seen the video in our WA group.

Dance Day

This friday kids danced to the tunes of bollywood numbers. This isn’t synchronised dancing or anything; it's simply loosening oneself and moving to the tune. Singing along and enjoying oneself. A few shy ones who were just testing waters last time took centre stage. There are quite a few who are still uptight (few facilitators including) but hopefully they will ease in weeks to come.

That's all for now…until next time!