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LC Newsletter 71 Yr:22-23

17 Jun 2022

Dear Parents,

This week we were back in business. We put our house in order. Our time table was put up. Rules were agreed and signed. Chores were allocated. Workbooks were distributed. Technically everything went as per the plan. Even though there were some, why this? Why that? We stay put with our plan. Let me take you through the varied electives we are taking this semester.

Science Experiments

The idea is to whet their appetite in doing science experiments or tricks with simple tools to understand the basic concepts and principles of physics. We note the observations and try to decipher if there is a reason behind them. They are required to write these things down and draw the conclusion.

Problem Solving

This time problem solving is divided into two parts, meaning two sessions. One is the traditional curriculum maths and the other one is logical/analytical maths.


We started with the origin of humans. For that we needed to start from the very beginning, Big bang! How the Earth cooled and the beginning of organisms. We also discussed how families are formed in animals and which ancestors have we come from. Things about how genus and species can interbreed, etc.

TWTW (The World this Week)

Kids were told about blood donation, since it was World Blood donor day this week. We also discussed blood banks, blood groups and donation drives.

This week was also a day for World against child labour. Why do children need to get into the workforce? Where is it most prevalent in India? The latest happenings in Indian Sports and international politics was also discussed.

Module - Creative thinking/writing

We decided to write some catchy slogans to nudge each other of appropriate behaviour. They have to be peppy and striking. We have been facing some issues with toilet cleanliness and hygiene, safety in the play zone, saving electricity, etc. so we asked them to brainstorm. Here are some of the examples.

“हे भाई जरा देख के करो”

“पहले भरो

फिर फ्लश करो”

“Take the mat, or you will be flat”

“Turn off the light;

to make the world bright”

They are also supposed to make posters with visuals and all.

Movie Club - Life is Beautiful

This Oscar award winning movie is set in Italy in 1939. Its the story of a Jewish family, a father, mother and their son, who are put in a Nazi concentration camp. In this movie the father tells his son stories about how all this is a game, so as to protect him from the tyranny of the Nazis.


Learning from previous semesters told us that we needed to do something different with language. Especially hindi. It's surprising, it being an easier language but kids have resistance to learn. So we are doing poems, stories and songs. Keeping it light and fun!

Friday food

It was cucumber pancakes. The recipe called for the least number of items hence was picked. Everyone also gave feedback on delivery, taste and novelty. There was also a lot of commotion and chaos in the pantry during the preparation. This led to the food being served late and hungry stomachs becoming impatient.

Individual Time

This is getting really difficult to regulate. Certain changes or rules need to be established for it. Will update about it soon.

Dance and movements

The session began with finding the right song for everyone to dance on. There was a bit of chaos in the beginning. Though inspired by children’s interest in dance we figured they were more interested in doing it free style, rather than doing it in a systematic way.


One of the changes this semester is that we have dedicated sessions with different facilitators with our blossoms too. Blossoms are our 5 yr olds, hope you remember. We ran races, read books, sang songs and played different games.


This time we have finance/entrepreneurship again for the adolescents as well as pups. Introduction to money, income, expenses and various ways of savings were taken for the pups.

By the way, projects, gymnastics and drawing sessions are also there.


The first instalment of Rs. 50,000/- is due at the end of this month.

Every fridays LC will start from 8:30 am onwards.

Our first parent get together is on 10th July. Timings and agenda will be forwarded soon.

So far so good,

Until next time…