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LC Newsletter 72; Yr 22-23

Hello all,

First of all lets welcome Coral, Centina and Vipul’s daughter to LC. She is completely self-directed and has joined the gang of stars who are never ready to go home, and keep parents waiting outside :)

Highlights of last week

This was a special week of Birthday celebrations. You must have got to know from leftover food in the tiffin that kids had blast in LC. In one we enjoyed the all-time-favourite cake-samosa-chips, while in the other, breaking the norm, celebration was with home-made badam shira and mangoes.


There were various discussions on different currencies of various countries, listing of companies in BSE, why humans are only species of genus Homo left on the earth, and how humans have become the strongest animal, poems of Shel Silverstein, refugees, supermoon, solstices and Equinox, Agnipath scheme, some IPM problems.

Our new Math Enthusiast took first session this week with adolescents group. The discussion was about pars, one-to-one, many-to-one, one-to-many solutions of a mathematical problems. But what impressed the learners most is the story of a mathematician who worked on a problem for 13 long years; than declaring it to be impossible. The session is loved by all (and regarded as “the proest”), and kids are looking forward to the next one.

In dance and movements, the kids choreographed their own steps on Hum Hain Hindustani.

Pups did an experiment with the movement of balloon and adolescents worked on air pressure. As a challenge given in the electives, some were seen later making their rockets, while others through the week were playing with balloons.

Blossoms did a lot of painting, story reading, discussion on animals, running races, rhymes etc. 

Debate club

The topic of debate club was Vegetarian Vs Non-vegetarian food. There were many points discussed and debated, but most interestingly, a few vegetarians debated from side of Non-veg and vice-a-versa.

Newspaper time

Afghanistan earthquake, Maharashtra Politics, Agnipath Scheme were the highlights of the week

Judiciary and circle time

The judiciary meeting began with the question, “why do we need ministers and what is the role of ministers?”. There were no satisfactory answers found out. As it is started to rain, one of the agendas was having a leavy to go into the rain even during the session/individual time. There was another proposal of increasing screen time per week. Numerous complaints were read but there is no decision on consequences. The toilet hygiene is observed to be poor a lot of times in past weeks. Hence, reiteration of the rules was done. Athletics is proposed on Tuesday, 8:30 am for a month, later the decision will be made whether to continue.


To our excitement, this week it did rain after 12 many times during this week. Many enthusiasts were seen getting drenched. Barring a couple of them, all managed to change clothes and wind up their stuff. The ones who leave little early were spotted being disappointed when they did not get a chance to enjoy rains.


Kabeer, who keeps visiting us every few months, had come after his 10th std result. He spent a day and participated in all the activities. Chinmay, 14 yr old from USA spent some time with us this week. He was found guiding a 11 year old, discussing on some serious topics, and playing with a 4 year old a game of Hii–bye

Khevansh,a 6 year old has finished his trial period, looks a little settled in LC now. Lets see if he is joining our troop.

Reminder for coming week

On 30th June we have a project day.

A gentle reminder for payment of fees.

On Friday, the day is going to begin at 08:30 am

The first parent get-together is on 10th of July

Food for thought

Here is the blog by Pashwa Jhala, a minimalist, unschooling her two sons. 

Reflections on a Nomadic Unschooling Life | by Manish Jain | Families Learning Together Magazine | Medium

With parenting, as with all of life, there is so much to learn and unlearn, so much to love and enjoy, so much to be challenged by. I think that if we as parents (and as people) can focus on living our own lives more consciously…with integrity, kindness and love, then hopefully we will inspire our children to live their own lives with joy, freedom and sensitivity too.