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LC Newsletter 73; Yr 22-23

1 July 2022

Dear Parents,

A very rainy week indeed. We were glad that none of our rooms were leaking like last year. Kids are always ready to go out and get wet, specially our newest blossoms.

Before we start a warm welcome to Khewansh, Jinal and Viren. Now lets see the major highlights of this week.


  1. We want to get wet in the rain, if it rains during the sessions then too we should be allowed to have fun outside. This was one of the agenda, but our Judiciary chair and others denied permission citing inconvenience to facilitators. It would have lead to chaos in terms of rearranging all the missed sessions.
  2. There should not be any holidays on Saturdays and Sundays. This was an agenda by a 5 yr old. All of us gave our reasons, she didn’t look like she got convinced but she accepted it eventually.

Macrame Workshop

We were fortunate to have Cosmica, 14 yr old and Shweta, her mother who are on a trip to Mumbai from Jamshedpur. Cosminca has never been to a school in her life. She is an entrepreneur, photographer and a videographer. But that is not what she came to do, she took a workshop for all of us on macrame. It is an ancient fibre art with which one can make wrist bands, wall hangings, pot hangers, etc. You would have seen the wristbands your kids have made.

Project Day

We were not full house this time, as many of our kids are travelling. But within these fewer presentations too, there was variety. The topics ranged from Titanic, New Wonders of the World, Nashik-Mokhada Travelogue, Seasnakes, My farm in Ratnagiri, Skating, Pencil, Sugar and Neutron star. Vipul and Amita were the guests this time. Kids did their own self assessment, few found their performances okay, while others thought they needed to start earlier. (Facilitators rolled their eyes at this comment!)

Maths Encounter

Rupesh Gesota is a maths enthusiast. He is our friend and also an alternative education crusader. He visited us this week and played various math games with our 10+ old kids. The kids were completely engaged in the activity and were mesmerised by his personality. Everyone put on their thinking caps and enjoyed solving the puzzle trick.


Have you ever seen your reflection in a spoon (inside of the spoon)? You would know then, what question was posed. This is just the beginning of Optics in physics.

We are learning about the stock exchange. Kids were also introduced to a share market simulator with the help of which they can trade with virtual money.

Language sessions for the adolescents were fun, but among the pups there was only one kid. We do interesting poems in Hindi and English.

In TWTW, we talked about state and national politics.

Movie Club

We saw the much talked about movie, King Richard and the stunning performance of Will Smith. We only got half way through, as we were pausing and understanding what was going on. It is an amazing and inspiring story of a black family struggling against all odds. The whole movie can be seen through a parenting perspective. Good or bad is something each of us can decide.

Friday Food

The friday food was fruit salad with icecream. The food managers had to go get some fruits since many kids forgot to get fruits. So they went shopping and behaved like adults.

Reminder for coming week

Payment of fees for the 1st sem.

On Fridays, gymnastics is going to begin at 08:30 am

The first parent get-together is on 10th of July.

That's all for now!