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LC Newsletter 74; Yr 22-23

8 July 2022

Dear Parents,

Heavy rains have kept a few of us in the house, so this week we have had the least attendance. Though we missed all those who couldn’t come, we had some fun.

Few highlights of this week…

Injuries, really?

Our blossoms are fascinated with putting band aids. Our first aid box is out of it now. The matter in hand won’t be solved by just putting on some cream, they need the tape and the proof of it. They want to put it on the elbow, under the chin, on the fingers and sometimes even under their feet. The effect is also quite immediate, as soon as you put the tape they are jumping and showing off. When one of them fell sick yesterday and all others were quite concerned. One of them was sitting besides the sick one and tending.


During our science experiments session, we prepared Oobleck. It is a non newtonian fluid and also is very fun to play with. For problem solving we solved a few puzzles and did some analytical/logical exercises. Current politics of our state and international news were covered in the TWTW session. We are looking forward to seeing business plans for our next week’s finance sessions. One of our new parent is taking interesting number games and challenges with our 10+ yr olds. This session has become a big hit and they want more of them.

The 5 yr olds have planted a few moong seeds. If the lashing rain permits them to germinate then we might see some greens in our pots. They were first scared of the worms and bugs. After they were told that these are friends of soil, they started picking and dumping insects in their respective pots. “I want to make my soil yummy.” "These bugs are protecting my moong."

Monsoon chores

Facilitators were constantly mending and setting up the place this week, since there were less kids that needed their attention. Placing buckets wherever it drips, wiping and dewatering was one of the major activities we did. All the safety mats have been taped from the edges to stop them from tearing. Tyre swing has been removed since it collects water and therefore will breed mosquitos.

We are also planning a major overhaul in our library since all the books are merely stacked. We want them to be put in sequence according to genre, authors and age. If any parent wants to volunteer for the boring job, please write back.

Reminder for coming week

A gentle reminder for payment of fees. (There are only a few that are remaining).

On Friday, gymnastics is going to begin at 08:30 am.

The first parent get-together is on 10th of July from 9.30 am-11.30 am.

That’s all for this week.