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LC Newsletter 76; Yr 22-23

22 July 2022

Dear Parents,

It is going to be a sleepless night for some of us. And you know why, ANTICIPATION.

Few announcements in relation to the trip:

  1. Bus leaves at 5.30 am from Sion Circle
  2. Bring along bedsheets, bedspreads and pillows if you want. Temperatures are going to be 22-24 deg celsius.
  3. Appropriate shoes for hiking
  4. Breakfast and water for the journey
  5. Plates, glass, vati and spoon
  6. Kindly don’t bring anything in plastic wrappings - or atleast try to minimise it.

Before we move ahead with the highlights of this week. We would like to inform you that Khewansh is leaving us and joining a Montessori school. He lives in Andheri, which was getting a tedious in terms of commuting. But the main reason is he wishes to go to a “proper school” where there are uniforms and homeworks. He is fascinated with the idea of going to a place in bus where lots of kids are in a class. We wish him all the best.


During the origami session with Blossoms, we made boats and put them in the puddles. They only want to do things their way, even fold the papers their way. They don’t care if that doesn’t yield into a boat. They also tell me straight away if the activities I do with them are boring.

During our entrepreneurship session, our pups (7+ yr old) went to the newly opened Pizza Hut closeby. The goal of their visit was not to eat pizzas but to understand what it takes to open a new business. “How much is the area of your restaurant?”, “How many customers visit in a day?”, “How much profit do you make?”, also “What kind of pizzas do you make?” were all the questions they asked.

Pups also measured the area of LC. They all came up with different ways of measuring. Plastic pipe picked up from compost, their footsteps and a ruler these were the things they used as props to measure.

Thursday's math sessions for biggies are getting really intense. It goes on for 2.5 hours non-stop. It is exciting to see how much they enjoy it and don’t want to give up.

During the games session, one of the children introduced a new game which we call “The ताबडतोब Game”. This game uses playing cards and you need to be real quick, this is a test for your reflexes.

The adolescents are not enjoying the dance and movements session, whereas the younger guys are not getting enough of it.

In TWTW, it was International Nelson Mandela Day so the discussions revolved around South African Apartheid status and its politics.

During the History of Mankind session, the story of Sapiens progressed and we are now discussing the importance of having common myths, imagination, storytelling and convincing power and how it helped in creating communities and bonding.


We have started a few new clubs this week. Chess on Wednesdays and Community service on thursdays. The theme for community service is still to segregate dry waste and collect it for recycling. Kids went around in the neighbourhood to spread awareness.

Kids for Tiger

Priti, who is the Mumbai District coordinator for the Kids for Tiger initiative, came to visit us today. She did a very comprehensive and a beautiful presentation on nature and wildlife. She explained what the initiative is all about and how kids of different ages can participate and help spread the awareness.


Sukansha Bajaj, is an educator for special kids who came to visit us from Bangalore. She got very interested in the kind of learning we do here and promised to return with more games to play with us.

Dhruv who is 12 yrs old had come along with his parents. He currently goes to a school in Mulund and was interested in knowing how we learn here.

Ishaan who is also 12 had come from Thane along with his mother. He likes cricket and dancing.

Friday Dance Fever

This fever doesn’t seem to be coming down. Kids just have a blast doing fugdi and all kinds of gymnastics stunts.

Reminder for coming week

Please be reminded that every Friday, gymnastics is going to begin at 08:30 am. Majority of the kids arrived late.

Project Day is on 26th July.

That’s all for this week.