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LC Newsletter 78; Yr 22-23

5 Aug 2022

Dear Parents,

One more week done and dusted. We had quite a few absentees due to sickness. Hope we will be houseful next week.

Here are the highlights of this week…


Again we discussed what to do with project days. Whether to shelve it or preserve it? The need for this question comes when people perform badly (i.e, boring to mediocre) and others have to be at the receiving end of it. We decided to debate and decide the fate of it one last time. The proposal was put up like this,

Everyone interested and uninterested in participating will say so in advance. This cannot be used as a last minute exit strategy. Uninterested kids will also not come to LC on project days. Out of the presentations that are done, the audience will vote for a redo if the presentations are not upto the mark. The first redo will be after two days and if it's still not upto the mark then the second redo will be after two weeks.

This was unanimously voted for by all those who were present.


We tried to see if Galileo was correct about his theory on falling bodies. We took heavy balls, different sized balls and also cotton balls for our observation. We also got two different results with our pups and adolescents group. One group proved him wrong and the other was wowed by his findings. My observation is that the group that got different results were more excited about the balls. Anyways, part II of this experiment will follow next week.

We made patterned designs with rangometry kit and studied how often a piece gets repeated. What if the pattern gets extended to large numbers, then how many pieces would one need? We did the same with our blossoms to work their fine motor skills. We also did poetry and counting with them.

For the Finance/Entrepreneurship session, the pups have been asked to figure the expenses of their house and we did cost estimating/accounting with the biggies.

We played KBC for kids during our games session. We had fun emulating Amitabh Bachchan’s style. In conclusion our kids are very bad at something we call general knowledge.


During the debate club, we kids debated about Governor Koshiyari’s controversial comments about Gujaratis and Marwaris. The second debate was Homo Sapiens Vs. Neanderthals. Is it true that Neanderthals were smarter than us but got wiped out because they didn’t have adequate communication skills?

Embroidery club had a few participants but the numbers are dwindling now. The facilitator was seen knitting a scarf all by herself this week. Interests in these activities come and go.

Our chess club this time had a few new entrants. There was some persuasion, but it was intended thinking more will be merrier. One of the kids who lost vowed to come back next time and demolish the same opponent. I think there is more drama than actual playing but we will get there.

Community Service Club

If you remember, Priti from Save Tigers had come a couple of weeks ago to talk to us about her organisation and what they do for the cause. They had left us a big banner of “Kids for Tigers”. We did a signature campaign in front of our gate for our community service. Kids spoke to people walking on the streets. This wasn’t all that easy, there were people who didn’t listen to us and were busy with their gadgets, some who didn’t agree with what we said, also people who argued saying what good is a signature campaign. They took all that rejection and collected roughly 75 odd signatures. We may repeat it next week too.

Dance Fever Club

Need we say anything more about this.

Module - Posters/Advertisements/Marketing

We discussed the influence of marketing on consumer behaviour and how things are sold. We saw some hilarious commercials and some that had social messages in them. We also looked at poster designing and interesting ways of communicating the messages. We took the example of Mumbai Suburban train authorities using gory and real pictures of injured people while crossing the railway tracks. Has it really deterred people from crossing railway tracks?

Reminder for coming week

15th Aug is a holiday.

On Friday, gymnastics is going to begin at 08:30 am.

Project Day for this month is on 24th August.

That's all for this week…don’t fall sick and stay healthy!