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LC Newsletter 80; Yr 22-23

19 Aug 2022

Dear Parents,

I am thinking of repairing my old watch, maybe it just needs a new battery. Why do I need it? Because time just flies here. I have no complaints, but I would rather see it whizzing through than feel cheated by it…:)

Anyways, here are some of the highlights of this week.


For pups, we learnt about different kinds of risks we have in our lives and how to be financially secure during such situations. What is insurance? Pups also did their homework to understand the household expenses. For the older ones, we did business case studies. As homework, they have to research about any business leaders and tell us their story for the next session.

Problem solving

During problem solving for the pups, we continued our exploration of different kinds of polyhedra. We decided to make a big size dodecahedron for next time. They have taken up the challenge but haven’t done any planning yet. The adolescents solved some interesting puzzles with counters.

During history session, we learnt about the different customs of the Achè tribe from Brazil.

Since it was Parsi New year this week, we learnt about their closed community, fire temples and customs.

Mock Presentations

In an effort to consciously better our performances during project days, we have decided to hold mocks a week prior. Some kids had some idea what they were doing, while some had just decided their topic.

We played Kaun Banega Crorepati during the games session.

Bioenzyme Workshop

Bioenzyme is a universal cleaner. It's made from jaggery, lemon peels and water. It could be made from any citrus fruit peels. It has been made in a plastic bottle, each child has one of their own, it has been labelled and stacked in our pantry. It will be ready after 90 days. The purpose of this workshop is to introduce kids to environmentally friendly homemade cleaners and also convince everyone at home to give it a try.

दही हांडी

You might have seen the pictures on our WA group. I think the kids had a ball doing this activity. Besides some of the prep that was done last week, all the practice and strategy was being worked out on the spot. The handi, which was a balloon filled with water, was hoisted from the centre of the ceiling. They organised themselves in a pyramid and got the lightest one to climb atop. In between Vinayak Sir hoisted the balloon even higher. Rising the stakes! On the third trial they were able to break it successfully.


Swaranjali and her daughter Sia who 4yr old is visiting India from the US and spent a day with us today.

Elijah, Gratus and Jitesh had visited us today. They have worked with the Save Aarey group and shared their stories through songs. They were the ones who conducted the bioenzyme workshop.

Reminder for coming week

Tomorrow we have the Ganesh making workshop, starting at 10 am.

On Friday, gymnastics is going to begin at 08:30 am.

Project Day is on 24th August.

That’s all for this week…until next time, (which hopefully doesn’t feel fast forwarded)