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LC Newsletter 82; Yr 22-23

2 Sep 2022

Dear Parents,

मिच्छमी दुक्कड़म and hearty wishes for गणेश चतुर्थी. With these now the festival gates for this season are opened! Hopefully this means that we will get more sweet taxes in LC. We also had many absentees this week because of the festivities.

Also let us welcome the fiery 5yr old, Prashik, Vihaan's younger brother. He is always smiling and looks like he's upto some mischief. So now we are at 23!

Now let’s see this week’s highlights…

Science Experiments

We discussed aerobic and anaerobic digestion. The example we used are the bottles of Bioenzyme which when we opened had so much fizz that some of the fluid flew out of the bottle. Kids got really excited, shaking their bottles and leaving it unopened so pressure builds up. They are expecting some kind of blast to take place. Questions discussed were…Why did it happen? What are other such examples? What else can we compare this with?


The pups are quite excited about the lemonade stall going to be put up in the first week of October. I suggested they should partner with those kids whom they don’t talk with and all of them agreed, saying it's a good idea. They did their market research and figured out the costs of raw materials. In the coming weeks they will make slogans and flyers.


In History we have finished the first volume of Sapiens: A Graphic History book by Yuval Harari. We spoke about how man was responsible for the destruction of a number of species before even farming began and its consequences.

Problem Solving

In problem solving, we did sequence and number series of IPM grade 6 with adolescents. We also did visual conceptualising of expansion of (a+b)^2, (a-b)^2 and a^2-b^2. During the session we also discussed questions like, What is math? Is it only calculation? Is it a language to make sense of the Universe? We also learned about some of those obscure mathematicians whom we have never heard of.


Kids learned to do back salto, back flip and back handspring. If you don’t understand these terms then go ahead and google it up to see the stunts our kids are doing. We also played a game where kids sat in a circle and passed cones to their neighbours. But the number of cones will be one more than the number of kids so one of them will end up with an extra and will be eliminated.

Let’s समझते हे

We are all meeting on 18th Sept from 3-5 pm. Yes, we will have to sacrifice the afternoon siesta, but other dates and timings were not going to work. During this time we plan to speak with Ratnesh, founder of Aarohi who will discuss his experiences running his centre and particularly delve on the idea of Freedom Vs. Responsibility.


The adolescents are going to Bengaluru to participate at the Chalshiksha event. Its an event where media is used as a learning tool. We hope it will be a good exposure for our older ones. Meeting kids like them from other centres and also seeing another place. Meanwhile we will have to mind the pups here who are revolting have been omitted from this trip. We will have to think of something interesting to pacify them that week. Fingers crossed!

Reminder for coming week

On Friday, gymnastics is going to begin at 08:30 am.

Next Project Day is on 29th September.

Next Let’s समझते हे is on 18th September 3 - 5 pm.

That’s all for this week…until next time,