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LC Newsletter 84; Yr 22-23

16 Sep 2022

Dear Parents,

This term is soon coming to an end. My mind has already started to think about how to wrap things up. First week of October onwards we will be having a recap of all the sessions and discussions on self evaluation and goals.

Now, here’s what we did this week…

Judiciary/Circle time

Not to use complaints as a means to threaten anyone. Let me explain. When we see a violation happening, we (including facilitators) say things like, “I will write a complaint against you” in an expectation that the person will stop doing it. Off late kids have started negotiating with the person who is going to write complaints against them. Ex., I will give you a boomer, if you don’t write the complaint against me.

Preparations for the fair begin a month prior. We have a leader who will take charge in planning.

Toilet hygiene and upkeep of the bathroom was discussed again.

Consequences are going to be re-thought. Currently all the consequences are related to housekeeping. Somehow we were wondering if there is an association being built. Housekeeping and cleaning should be everyone's responsibility and everyone should participate knowingly and willingly.


They are the focused bunch. They have started reading and counting. They enjoy doing their individual time and are seen glued with their books. Most of it they are doing on their own. They also play a lot of board games, like Pictureka, UNO and cards.

Some of them take a lot of time eating their lunch. So we asked them to start eating an hour early and then they finish with us. The only challenge with them currently is the mess they create :) They are always ganged up in the Arts corner with lots of colours, papers, pieces of puzzles, beads, sticks, some curios they collected and god knows what all things are around them. As usual they are completely oblivious to all of it, talking loudly, planning, making teams. We, the others, have to tiptoe among the mess to get a pencil or a paper from the arts corner.

Games session

Do you remember the one min games from childhood? You can try this at home, to kill time. Put lots of काटोरी in one plate and use tongs to put it on another plate. Simple right? Now do it blind folded. Heh!

If you have more time then try this, take some bangles and put it standing. See how many you can in a minute.

Cricket Match

We didn’t have any matches after Dhoni had left. Now that he is back, it was due. So on Thursday we had the most interesting one. It was a nail biting match to the last ball. The match was laden with match fixing charges, allegations against the umpire, emotional batsmen, audience hooting and booing, eager 5yr olds wanting to hold bats, facilitators who were not serious and also a commentator who nobody was listening to. So like sometimes in  cricket, this was just a trial.


Kids have made a video of LC life and are working on their next movie where they have interviewed some of the parents. There’s not too much time left!

Movie Club

Invictus, the movie based on the true inspiring story of Nelson Mandela and the South African Rugby team. How Mandela inspired the South African team to win the world cup. We had spoken about racial discrimination, apartheid and Mandela during our TWTW sessions. After watching the movie we usually have discussions, this time the kids acted and some of them ran away.

Friday Food

After a lean period, Friday food was back with a धमाका. From Nachos to Burgers to something that looked like vada pav. Whatever, but it was damn tasty! The food managers planned and executed quite well, though after a lot of coaxing and rethinking. I hope they learned a lot of things.


Devangi and Harsh from our Kar ke seekho team had come to visit. Both of them have graduated from their bachelor’s degrees. It was very nice to meet them after a long time.

Alpa with her 7 yr old, Abhir came yesterday. He is a homeschooled child and is willing to do the trial session with us from Monday.

Reminder for coming week

22nd - 26th Sept, Adolescents are going to the Chalskisha event.

Next Project Day is on 29th September.

Next Let’s समझते हे is on 18th September 3 - 5 pm.

On Friday, gymnastics is going to begin at 08:30 am.

That’s all for this week…until next time,