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LC Newsletter 85; Yr 22-23

23 Sept 2022

Dear Parents,

This was a crazy week. The first few days, adolescents were preparing for their trips, they finally made two movies about LC. They were also showing off that they will have the best of time. We needed to think of emotional damage control for the pups and blossoms who were left behind. So we decided few activities for them this week.


  1. Like we shared last time, few kids refused to sit for the discussions after the movie was over. So we expressed our need for sharing and learning from each other’s perspectives. But it so appeared that it might be something that is forced upon them. So like everything else, it will be their choice whether or not to join the discussions, which will take place for the ones who are interested.
  2. In our attempt to avoid things being bought in plastic and minimise waste, we proposed that kids discuss their friday food ideas with us. This brainstorming will help us propose alternatives for food items that come in plastic.
  3. After wind up time the person has to close the doors of the room to signify that the wind up of that room is over.

Games Session

We quizzed everyone on their level of general knowledge. It was good to know where everyone stood which made us realise that there is a lot of work to be done in this area. We also did visual puzzles.


We have started with the second book of Sapiens: A Graphic History. In the story so far, our protagonists have begun making tools and have started farming which led them to eventually settle down.

Trip to the Museum

We took to the 66 no. bus to reach the CSMV museum. Frankly, it was quite a Mumbai Darshan trip. Also maybe it was during the rush hour. Few of the little ones slept off due to the cool weather and constant motion. Everyone huddled and sat in each other’s lap. Few of them interacted with strangers too. After reaching we went straight to the Children’s Museum where the facilitator conducted a puppet show for us and there was some drawing activity. After that we went to the Natural History section. Kids asked the questions like, are these real? Did they live once upon a time? Are these made of plastic? What is the price of it?


The pups were told about different ways of saving like fixed deposit, real estate, gold, etc. This week they were introduced to the idea of equity and company shares. Next we will cover what is stock exchange and how trading happens.

Science experiments

How much water can you fill after the glass is fully filled? Can you fill anything at all? If yes, then why does it happen? We learnt about Surface tension and how the O-H bonds are strong and stretch to form water's this unique quality.


Without all the adolescents, gymnastics was not a fully charged session. Vinayak Sir played a few games and taught new tricks to the little ones.


We have come to know of some kind of shady trading that kids are engaging in. This mostly involves asking for favours, to buy partners in crime and to stop themselves from getting reported. The currency of exchange here is Boomer. Yes, the good, old chewing gum from our childhood days. Why Boomer? Since it is one of the very few candies that comes in paper wrappings, (since plastic wrappers are banned in LC). Lately they have been using some other kinds of toffees too. We also suspect they are indulging in sporadic business ventures so that they can feed the boomer trading.

Music Day

Today since there were no biggies to dominate, the pups got their way to play the music of their liking. They played every song to their choosing, they danced and sang and finally got exhausted. So at last we did 15 mins of relaxation and meditation, where few of them actually slept off.

Reminder for coming week

Next Project Day is on 29th September.

On Friday, gymnastics is going to begin at 08:30 am.

That’s all for this week…until next time,