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LC Newsletter 86; Yr 22-23

30 Sept 2022

Dear Parents,

Adolescents got back on Tuesday and so did chaos. Without them there was peace and some quiet. Everyone did their individual time. There was a significant decrease in bullying. Housekeeping was also very manageable. But who wants good things to last long…;)

Here’s what we did this week…

Sion Fort

We took the kids to Sion Fort on monday. It is quite a big garden on a hillock near the ASI office across the road from the Circle. We climbed up to the fort enjoyed the hazy view and then went to the maze where they had a hell of time. They played hide-n-seek and tag inside the maze. One of the few things that is preserved in a public garden nicely.


Adolescents are writing their stories and their version of the whole event. They were non stop with their stories and experiences. Hopefully they will publish in a special edition of LC Times. Also expected is a presentation filled with pictures and videos for parents, some time in the near future.

Project Day

We had Abhishesh, Kavya & Karthik’s grandparents and Ananya & Nandita’s grandmother as guests. From now on we plan to call senior folks from our family. This time we found a difference in feedback. All the parents who have come so far seem to have resonated with kids’ anxieties and were tolerant with whatever they presented. They too re-lived their experiences from childhood about stage fright and being tongue tied in front of an audience. On the other hand, grandparents gave critical feedback and did not give them any slack.

The topics ranged from Invention of Pen, Pet Animals, Mariana Trench, The Solar System, Funny and Interesting facts of Baby animals, Koala Bear, Whales, Teeth, Piano Performances, Microsoft Excel, Sanskrit poem recital, Insect World, Dinosaurs, Light and its experiments, Skin Colour, Life in Water, Puppet show and Eraser.

Two kids got redo and two of them didn’t present at all. Of these, two kids presented today and the other two didn’t. This was a new kind of violation and the LC rules book pretty much didn’t think of this scenario.

Math session

Having missed Vipul’s session for two weeks, adolescents were excited this morning to see him. They played games with quadrants and radians. They are on their way to learning trigonometry.

Goals/Intelligence chart

We discussed with our adolescents about the intelligence chart and knowing about our predominant interests which shapes our nature. Everyone identified themselves with some traits shown in those classifications.

We request all parents to discuss goals and reviews how it went with their wards and complete it by Oct, 3rd. You could individually email/WA us your responses.

Friday Food

It was poha, the typical Indian breakfast. Few kids forgot to bring things, so the food managers had to step outside to buy essential things. It tasted good but it arrived late. It was almost lunch time when it was served and after that kids were not hungry for lunch.

Movie Club

We thought of showing the BeMe centre’s movie, but we got into glitches with our movie set up and kids got disinterested.

Reminder for coming week

Request to send your responses on goal reviews by 3rd Oct, Monday.

On Friday, gymnastics is going to begin at 08:30 am.

Fun-n-fair is on 22nd Oct, 10-1 pm.

That’s all for this week…until next time,