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Learners Collective Newsletter 34: 2021-22

19 Jun 2021

Dear all,

First of all let us present you with some good news. We are planning to start LC in its true spirits by 1st of July. We have also got a confirmation from Sadhana to reopen keeping due precautions in place. In addition to that all the three facilitators have got their first dose of vaccine. We will see you all soon.

Updates for this week are...we are navigating through the online world without any glitches. The experience is no less satisfactory. We have ourselves learned a few skills and new apps along with children. Few children have taken charge of their correspondences and are feeling excited about using these new tools. Of all the sessions most popular ones are:


This seems like one of the hit sessions, since everyone is able to try it at their own end in real time. We hope that kids will acquire some very basic skills in cooking.

Yoga/Body movements

This is another session we were thinking might be challenging to do online. Despite that, we did our best to stretch and bend ourselves in making shapes of letters. Last week we were doing exercises with soft toy and ball.

Movie Club

The movies so far we are watching are short films which are nominated for Oscars. These are less than 20 mins and they have children playing lead roles. It's quite interesting and there's a lot of discussion after watching these movies. Last week's movie was New Boy, where a boy is bullied by his classmates as he is new to the class. A similar situation had risen in LC last year so we were reminiscing and discussing about it. If anyone of you have recommendations, then do let us know. Meanwhile here's the link to New Boy.


Two weeks of their trial sessions have concluded and they now have to pick their electives. Some have already picked their electives and we were surprised to see many are picking more than 3 electives. Once we start in July there will be more hands-on activities too to choose from.

Few other updates

We are pleased to welcome Jayani and Anay along with their parents to the LC family. We are happy to have you with us as co travellers in this journey. We wish you all the best and hope this will be an enriching experience for all of us.


Keeping in view of the times currently, we have tightened the belts on our budget for this semester. We have also asked for a concession from Sadhana Trust and hope to receive their confirmation soon. We have budgeted approximately Rs. 1 lac per child for this year, so that first installment is Rs. 50,000 for this semester. Also the income-expense sheet for last year is put here for your purview.

That’s all for now…Until then stay safe!