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Learners' Collective Newsletter Issue 30: Yr 20-21

19 Mar 2021

Dear Parents,

We are approaching the end of the semester and also the end of this academic year. This has been a great year as well a challenging one. We are in the process of wrapping up the sessions and taking reviews. Planning for next semester is also on. Early in the month of April we will have a one-on-one review with you along with your child. Now let’s see what has happened this week. 

Jungle Gym

The major highlight of this week came on the last hour of the last day of the week. The construction of everyone’s favourtie jungle gym. It is back and that too with a bang! Its new and improved :) Under the guidance of Vinayak Sir, we got the jungle gym made fitting with a variety of possibility of doing different stunts. Ketan (aka Kabir, remember the Santa Claus reference) also helped in creating a tyre climbing wall. You have to come to see it for yourself.


The major activity of this week was that all the kids filled up review forms. First of all they filled up self assessment review and then facilitator reviews. Self assessments could be a bit confusing for us to read but we need to keep in mind that they are comparing themselves with their own past performances. So lets not judge how they judge themselves …:) We looked at the reviews and it seemed a bit erratic and some of them far from reality. But when we thought about it and we felt it is their perspective. We hope that they get better at understanding themselves and also categorically review with no one else but oneself. 

कर के सीखॊ

Kaleidoscope, what a wonder toy! Be it an adult or a child, everyone will spend some time playing and marvelling at it. It was a very simple project. We got together to understand how it should be made. How many mirrors are required? What should be the angle between the mirrors? Number of reflections and number of mirrors, is there a corelation? Kids loved making it and decorating them. The alternate meaning of kaleidoscope is, “large number of different things”, which made us realise that there is a similarity between this toy and us!

Sion टेकरी

Remember, we had a failed attempt at going to the Sion टेकरी/fort? This time we made it on time. The problems with such trips is that they leave us with a guilt realisation. Why don’t we do this more often? Pravin also joined us and explained a bit of history of the place. There’s a lot to do at places like these, its a good hike, an excellent place for bird watching and can also unearth some archaelogical features of the old fort.

Friday Food

This time’s food manager had to up their game from last week’s most popular snack. So they zeroed in on our indegenous “Indian Bhel”. Few ingredients were missing since those kids responsible for them were missing today. But course correction was made and ingredients were bought. There was a bit of tussle as to who gets how much, but in the end people settled with how much they got. And as usual cleaning up was an issue..:)


We had Mishka, age 6 along with her grandfather and Naman, age 12 who are coming everyday since monday. Naman is doing his trial period while Mishka is visiting from Pune.

Arya, age 2.5 is Ketan’s daughter who has spent few days with week. 

Divija, Vatsal’s elder sister visited us today. She’s going to Rishi Valley, Bangalore in June. A hearty congratulations to her and we wish her good luck! 

Urvi and her husband along with their daughter Sia, age 7 visited us today and are thinking of doing their trial period next week onwards.

That’s all for this week...Until next time,

Take care!