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Learners' Collective Newsletter Issue 32; Yr 20-21

2 Apr 2021

Dear Parents,

LC was relatively peaceful compared to last week’s mayhem. But it was pretty hectic for us facilitators. We were planning, preparing and conducting reviews.

Planning for next semester

We just ended the last academic year. So we were busy planning what all things could be done in LC for next semester and next year. First of all we started with what kinds of sessions we could offer. To better understand from the kids we asked them three questions: 

1. I like to do the following…. 

2. I am most happy when I do these things…. 

3. I want to do these things in my life…..

You might wonder if all the three things are leading upto the same things. Yes that's correct and in a way it was done to eliminate certain false positives…:) Few young kids had the same answer for all three questions, whereas few of them had some elaborate answers and identified the subtleties in the question. 


This semester even though we will have a few academic subjects, we are trying to step out of the routine offerings and focus more skills development and holistic understanding of concepts. Everyone will have to take a minimum of three electives. Few of the new subjects on offer are: Finance management, Objects discussion, How things work? (which is Physics), Geopolitics (geography + politics), Body systems (which is biology), Problem Solving (which is logic, puzzles and math), Foreign language, Computer coding. 

There will also be modules which will have rotating topics. We will provide the entire list once children vote their preferences. 

Goal Reviews

The goals’ reviews once in a semester with our children is one of the cornerstones in self directed learning. It is basically the road map to whatever the child has decided to pursue. Some of these sessions were quite interesting. There were quite a few suggestions too, which we will try to implement from next time. This is a forum to candidly express the expectations as well as reservations. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we have. The goal charts have been sent to your inboxes too. Kindly keep a note of it for future references. 

Miscellaneous activities

Few kids got together to clean up the paint droppings in the play zone from the previous week. They used spoon handles and vati edges to scrap the paint from the floor. You will also find one of the compound walls painted too.

That’s all for this week, its been a short one, since we facilitators were holed up in the quiet zone planning for next semester and conducting reviews.

Once again a reminder for Lets Samjhte He on 10th April at 10 am.

See you all next saturday,

Till then take care!