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Learners' Collective Newsletter Issue 33; Yr 21-22

Dear LC Family,

Welcome all to the year 2021-22 and the 3rd year for LC. We hope you and your family are at the best of your health. The second wave of pandemic had caught us unaware and we are still reeling from its devastation. Accept our deepest condolences if you lost a close one and lets hope to get BACK!

Also a warm welcome to new families who are joining us this year. Let me also take this opportunity to welcome our new facilitator Pinki Kothari, who comes with a lot of vigour and enthusiasm. Her mission is to lead a life that is free of artificial interferences and be as close to nature as it is. Hope you have an unending reserve of patience too. :)

So....finally we began and there was a sigh of relief. All the restlessness was put to an end. As it is said every long journey begins with a single step, so we began thinking not doing anything is not an option. 

First session on Zoom started with excited kids managing chaos. It was a double whammy. Meeting links not working, devices not getting connected and everything going haywire. Siblings fighting for phones and everyone wanting high speed internet. That’s when my co facilitator announced lets play GOP. Game of Patience! Finally it all worked fine.

Digital Literacy

The first two days went in everyone getting adjusted to using zoom. We created some rules of engagement and gave them lots of free time between planned sessions so that they can release their pent up excitement. 

We showed them how to open email accounts, making powerpoint presentations, making videos, opening word files, etc. It worked like magic. They have absolutely no hesitancy and fear of technology. When I sent a quiz for the geography class, I was surprised to receive a return quiz (just like return gifts) for me to guess how much the child would have scored. Unfortunately I failed the test and didn’t receive the free T-shirt that the quiz had promised.


We have to confess that we had our own reservations about the online teaching. But now admit that this week has been one of the most efficient ones. In terms of delivery of sessions and engagement from children. There were kids who never spoke up during mentor-interactions and never participated in discussions but now they seem very free. We don’t want to speculate why this is happening, we hope its not turned out as a disaster.


Few of the sessions we conducted were, geography, hindi, reading (english), problem solving, body systems, object discussions, finance, etc. This is part of the trial week where children will attend all sessions and based on their liking they can select 3 or more sessions as part of their semester goals.

That’s all from our side. Until next time with more chaos stories…

Take care and stay safe!