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Newsletter 53; Yr 21-22

Hello all,

I am sure everyone was waiting for LC to start, and here, one week is already over. We missed some this week, and hopefully quorum will be full on Monday.

Circle Time

This time rather than each one sharing what s/he did in vacation, we paired up, shared our story with the partner, and partner in turn shared it with the larger circle. So, there were many goof ups, in listening and sharing, and some actively corrected the partner. There were stories about diwali celebrations, burning and not of fire crackers, trying hands on making diwali-faral, travels and meeting extended families and friends.

Reflections of last semester

We discussed what we liked doing last semester, what we would continue, something that needs to be added, or deleted too. One point that remained unresolved was how to keep the individual track of what we do in LC. We had a logbook system last semester, which the majority did not like to update. The exercise was not very fruitful, since the points written were vague. We will discuss this again in coming parliamentary meeting


New ministers are to be elected on coming Monday. We anticipate some campaigning, interesting promises and a lot of fun. 

Problem solving and IPM

Mornings this week were spent usually solving some mathematical problems or completing unfinished tasks. Some paired together and discussed IPM questions. Some were found busy explaining concepts to others. 

Uttarakhand Diwas

November 9 is celebrated as Uttarakhand Day. A discussion was conducted regarding geographical location, terrain, rivers, tourism, pilgrimage, recent avalanche and floods, reconstruction of roads in Uttarakhand. 

Drawing and Gymnastics

Hardly anyone had finished Diwali homework given by Sheikh Sir. This time he explained human anatomy, what is the subtle difference in drawing a male and female bodies, and how to draw a child. He expected that children would draw according to his instructions, yet some opted to draw cartoon figures, quite distant than real human figures.

Everyone welcomed Vinayak Sir with enthusiasm, barring a few who admitted explicitly that they are not interested in gymnastics. Children were found attempting back solto (flip in air), apart from routine drill.

Birthday Celebration

Birthday celebrations began right from the very first week, and are to be continued through the month. :))

Food for thought

November 11, being birth Anniversary of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, is celebrated as National Education Day in India. On this occasion its worth reflecting on what is education? What are places and tools and opportunities which help in education? Is it that only our children are learning? Or we are learning too as a parent with child?

Here we would like to suggest you to go through this blog from Sudbury Valley School

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That is all for this week,

Take care till we meet again!