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Newsletter, Issue 10; Yr 2020

Hello all!

At the outset, we are glad to announce that we have three more additions for trial period! Looking forward for the permanent addition!

The week started with heavy rainfall and off for rains. We heard that many children were upset for having to stay at home.

The next day as we opened the LC, we were caught off guard with floods in all three rooms and in corridor too. But as soon as children started coming, everyone picked up a job voluntarily. Some took mops, some clothes, some helped with broom and they kept on shuffling from one room to other, from one job to other. It took us more than an hour, but everyone had enjoyed the work. Someone expressed openly that it is very exciting about the center that they get to work everything in this school.


The idea of different clubs is slowly taking shape. In the book reading club, the participant read books for half an hour and shared their stories with everyone. In music club, each participant was given a chance to perform and make others participate. Some started with a beat and everyone joined in. Some played tunes on casio, some sang songs.

In the Drama club, the leader introduced Nav-ras, participants were asked to enact one of the ras and later children performed some acts in partnership. There was no one to lead the special days of the week club though many children had volunteered for the participation. Last week it was world bamboo day, world rose day. The discussion started with different types of roses, how we can grow/cultivate a rose plant, and went to what are the other ways of growing a plant, what is pollen and what is girl part and boy part of the flower.


Making fridge magnets was the most hit session of all. Children drew different faces and drawings and stuck magnets backside. In Hindi session kids enjoyed listening to a story. Some tried to make face masks. Some tried making tissue paper boxes. Children explored different lenses and mirrors, prisms and glass slabs. Most of them observed that images are either small, big, sometimes upside down.

Morning circle and News paper time

“How do you feel when you get up late in the morning” was question posed to everyone. We received different reactions a few of which included feelings of giving away, feeling sad and wasting time in crying, parents not waking us, feeling ashamed. What we could figure out is the problem was universal. But one of the learners probably took the question very seriously. He decided to get up and get ready early. Next day onwards he is consistently coming to LC early.

Farmers strike one of the important discussion topics. Challenge of burning of stubble in Punjab, the reason of pollution in Delhi, the role of middle-man in delivery of vegetables were discussed. Children could tell that they buy vegetables from the market, but they were clueless about where veggies actually come to market. Discussion also took place about oils, which oil is used in our house, etc.

Monday Meeting

Since there are more children coming for trial period, reiteration of safety rules was important point in meeting. Importance of housekeeping was also highlighted. In judiciary meeting, a complaint was raised against a facilitator this time for switching on the fan close to jungle gym, without informing everyone in the center, and hence, compromising the safety. We got to hear that the facilitators were considerate towards each other and had this been done by the child, s/he would have had to face the consequence. Hence, we thought it was important to formally raise the complaint.

Friday Food

This friday Monaco sandwich was made by the gang. It was simple and tasty dish. Everyone loved it. When we asked who would next like to be the Friday food minister, some clearly admitted that they do not wish to take the responsibility. So, those who are interested in cooking activities will end up taking frequent turns for food preparation. 


Different types of play and related activities were observed this week. Mostly, boys were observed playing battles with soft balls. We were little anxious about children getting hit and injured and repeated reminders were given in that regards. So also, there was worry expressed about one child being bullied by others. Both the topics were raised for discussion in weekly meeting. Other games included hide and seek, donagar ka pani, spy game, climbing on door upto truss, carrom, Uno, rummy, bluff. The games are so engrossing that children even forgot about movie this Friday, even though it was a movie club.

This is all for the week.

Stay tuned for the updates.