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Newsletter, Issue 15; Yr 20-21

Hello all,

Here we come to the end of first term. We still remember our discussions in month of June, in regards to starting LC. Now, when we look back, we are happy and satisfied for taking that move. We are glad that you all supported and had a courage to send your wards to LC.

Let’s begin with few reminders:

  1. Second installment of Fees: Its first week of November. A gentle reminder for advancement of second installment of Rs. 50000/- per child (Except for Moksha & Kiara it is 40,000/-)
  2. Lets समझतें हैं on 7th November 2020. 10am to 1pm
  3.  As we wish to make minimum waste at LC, what we figured out is using steel plates is the best. But since we do not have enough plates at LC, kindly requesting everyone to bring your own plates/spoons for serving snacks.
  4. If it is OK with you, you can also bring grandparents for the meeting. 
  5. Diwali vacation begins from 07 November 2020 to 22 November 2020. LC will open on Monday, 23 November as usual.

Highlights of the last week

Weekly meeting and circle time

  1. Since Diwali is round the corner, we asked how many like to burn fire-crackers. While a few said they do, a few contradicted. The reasons were it is causing pollution, it is troublesome to animals, birds, insects, elderly and small ones. Another point discussed was in the firecracker factories, mostly, the child-labourers are employed and the condition of these labourors is miserable. 
  2. Diwali also brings in the opportunity for giving and receiving gifts. But will one like to take an account of what all things one already has, and what is the need? Can we select the gifts smartly? Can we consider giving gifts to underprivileged than the ones who already have enough? Someone shared that instead of giving gifts to relatives, she had chosen an option to donate money to an organization which plants and takes care of trees.
  3. The discussion was carried on topic of Plastic. In which all ways, plastic enters in our house, and what happens to it? Even though we segregate plastic, is it getting recycled? None these days accepts plastic bags. Plastic is found in the deepest point in Pacific ocean, Mariana Trench, where even Sunlight does not reach. Can we do something about it?

  Some of the families of LC have undertaken a project to make plastic bricks. Plastic brick is any plastic bottle/container completely filled with plastic wrappers,milk bags and other household plastic waste to the fullest. These are later covered with cements and used in the construction work. We have figured out a lady who is ready to collect these bricks from us and these will be used in construction of school building. We request all the families to take up this project, educate your friends and relatives and actively participate in the safe disposal of waste. It will be even better to restrict the entry of plastic in our homes, by being vigilant, carrying cloth bags and saying no to unnecessary plastic. But since we cannot live plastic-free life, let's take the responsibility of what comes in our homes.

4. In case if you wish to donate used clothes/chappals which are in good condition, we have found a person working with an organization which donates it to patients in municipal corporation hospitals. The good can be sent to LC till Wednesday and will be sent to the organization from there.

Sessions and activities

This week was light for sessions due to Review meetings. We encouraged children to read books, Hindi and English. Some discussion over worksheets took place. Children took initiative in making toran and decorating LC. Some secret plan is happening for Let’s समझतें हैं, it is equally a surprise for us.

100 Task activity

Story of Makers (Zubin and team) have come up with 100 different tasks which can be done by children with minimum guidance from parents or teachers. These were shared with LC kids and each one chose one task and performed it. Some of these were as follows - Make a cartoon/ superhuman, discuss its powers, Plan a trip for all LC members, Find out structural faults in the building and suggest corrections, enlist 10 innovative uses of bricks, Retell a story you have listened to a lot of times, Make a castle with cards, Make glass tower without touching glasses with hands, Make characters from clay and use them to narrate a story, Write a letter to government officer to repair street light, imagine a crisis situation and pack 10 important things in 20 min as preparedness if you have to leave the location. Make/design a car (by 2 children) sitting at two different corners in the room_each will design front or back end. It was interesting to observe children participating, struggling, figuring out and later sharing their reflections, though not everyone shared those.

This is all for the week. 

Wish you Happy, Healthy, Prosperous Diwali! The next newsletter will follow after a gap of 3 weeks.

Looking forward to meet you all on 7th!