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Newsletter Issue 16: Yr 20-21

It was fun to meet everyone after two weeks of holidays. Not all have come back and they all are being missed. The ones who are here are constantly enquiring when others will come. There’s fun only when it’s full house!

Circle time

We started the first day with our circle time and all of us shared how we spent our holidays. Few had gone to their native place and few were here in the city. Few of them talked about different activities they did. One of the learners couldn’t stop sharing the details of what he did during the holidays. He was on a roll! Few of them talked about visiting family and friends. Shared about all the fun they had lighting crackers. On this note others questioned if they used green crackers or not.

Rope swing

This is a new addition to our jungle gym. On the first day we also made a rope swing made from thick polyester cloth. Facilitators tied knots to the truss of the ceiling and made intermediate knots all along the rope for kids to climb and balance. Everyone are absolutely loving it. We have also made rules for climbing on this rope. 

Unstructured Play

One thing we have observed is that they never need specific toys to play specific games. They make up whatever is there to play non specific games. For example they invented a game where they need to climb on the aluminium ladder, then jump-catch one of the bamboos - swing on it and then jump on the mat. These are what we call on the fly games.

KKS_कर के सीखो

Last wednesday we also had our “learning by doing” session. We have also coined a new name for it, again suggested by one of the kids…कर के सीखो KKS. The job in hand was to make a new shoe rack with bamboo. Few kids helped in cutting, drilling, marking and splitting bamboos, the others ran away to play cricket and football. The job is still half done and waiting for their attention. 


For this semester we are introducing a new concept of electives. Based on the discussion of goals, likes and explorations from last semester. Facilitators have arrived at a comprehensive kit of subjects/skills which will be taken in half an hour sessions every day in two slots. We have requested kids to attend all the sessions for the first two weeks so they get an understanding of what all things can be explored in these subjects. Kids are then expected to sign up next for these sessions for the rest of the semester.

So far we have covered algebra, grammar, geography, geometry, hindi and history. We have yet to cover science experiments, gardening, english and few other skills sets like playing cards, chess, stitching, knitting, documentary watching and talking club. Yes so much to do in so little time!

Besides all of this we had a few guests this week. Three girls who were working for an NGO visited us to learn and understand what we do and how we do it. We also had the company of Sarang, 13 who is Poorva’s nephew. All the boys were glued to him and he was happy teaching our kids a few tricks of playing various games.

On friday we had a role play session called “I am Minister”. In this task kids were to decide which minister of the government they wanted to become and come up with policies. Also justify it in front of everyone. One of them became “Corona Minister”, we think he intended to become a health minister, but nevertheless. Elder kids became Drawing/Art minister, Transportation, Environmental and Prime ministers.

That’s all for now!