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Newsletter Issue 17: Yr 20-21

Hello all,

This week we had a full house. It felt nice even though the noise levels were soaring high. But first a few announcements:

  1. Fee update: We have been working with our CA cum auditor to file taxes and learnt quite a few lessons ourselves. Foremost is that if we align our academic year with the financial year then it will be much easier for accounting. It will not matter in functionality but it will be helpful in accounting for the fees henceforth. Keeping this in mind we have decided to end the academic year on 31 March 2020. Therefore the total remaining fees due for this year is only the second installment of Rs. 50,000/- on Nov 20. We will soon send an update for the budgeted fees of next academic year which will be due in April 2021. 

2. New year Holidays: The centre will be closed from 25th Dec for the new year holidays and will reopen on 4th Jan 2021.

Circle Time:

The newcomers shared their experiences and how they spent their diwali holidays. It was so much fun to hear how much of a variety of experiences children had. We have observed that some of those kids who were mere listeners before are also now participating. We had someone who enacted their experiences which sent all of us laughing and rolling on the floor and some facilitators crying (ofcourse Khushi se!).


Few key points discussed this week were safety rules. Facilitators expressed a need for zero tolerance towards non adherence towards the rules that were decided. The rules for specific games were discussed again. The second most key debate point was the introduction of the electives. Some kids wanted to attend the sessions but didn't want to commit towards the subject for the whole semester. Matter seemed unsettled which means there will be more discussions on it next week.

Activities around LC:

Gardening has started in full swing. Children have removed twigs, etc. and levelled the beds. They have sowed methi, tomato and some flowering plants. Hopefully we will see small green shoots next week. We will update the progress soon. 

The uncompleted shoe rack was brought to finish. Few of the children repaired the tyre swing. Now you can always see someone swinging under the tree. Also there’s a new rope ladder now attached to the jungle gym. One more way to climb!

Friday food:

Maggi was yet again the choice of all. They experimented with making it in different  ways. For example what happens if you put water at last and roast the noodles for a while? What happens if you put very little water? Lots of empty packets strewed on the floor but they cleaned it all up when it was time to go. The remaining masala packets were eaten up later in the week. Some vowed to never eat maggi masala again, some were looking for water and sugar, with their faces red and eyes watery. 


Everyone is attending…:) What we observed is that breaking up for sessions between their play time is working well. Everyone is participating and hopefully they will sign up for a couple of them. 

More later!