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Newsletter Issue 18: Yr 20-21 (formatted)

Dear all,

This past week was a happening one. To begin with, a very important milestone was achieved and that was to get our accounts audited and file the Income tax. If it sounds drab and dreary, I completely agree. It is a big stone off our chest! 

KKS (kar ke Sekho)

After listening to some feedback from children we figured that a bit of structure will help them focus on woodwork elective. So we gave them a few options and asked them to pick a project that they would like to finish in two weeks. The idea is to come to completion in an easier and faster way so the tempo is maintained. Options included bird house, key chain holder, wood and string art, name plates or spoon stand. Except for three, all the kids have opted for some project. 

Before we started our projects there was a clear and long discussion in regards to usage of tools and the potential harm it could cause if not handled properly. How to use protective gears like safety glasses and gloves were shown. Being aware of one’s clothing and accessories worn during such works were also discussed.


The electives are picking up pace. Certain funny things are catching us off guard. For example kids get really excited to talk about pee/potty during language classes. They enquire, “what are these called in different languages?” Who cares if used in proper sentences and grammatically correct formations. Isn’t it? 

This will be the last week of the trial classes for some of them, next week we will have a better idea who is opting for what.

Playing cards:

There is a lot of interest in playing cards. Even if it's a game of bluff one needs a lot of daring and ability to take risks. If it's rummy you need to be calculative and weigh your options. If it's the game of Napolean then you can sustain only if you can keep track of who has what cards. It's quite an exercise for the mind.

Friday Food: 

Kids decided to make bhel and we also had a parent who was visiting who helped them. As always the effort tasted delicious but the cleanup after wards turned sour for kids. We reminded them that the food managers are in the end responsible for the cleanliness. 


For us it's not the name of any antibacterial or antiseptic liquid. It is the name of the new “cat fever”. Yes there is a kitten who is visiting us for the past two days. Today during our circle time we discussed several possibilities for names but the popular choice was Dettol. You would agree it made sense looking at the current scenario!


This time’s meeting finished in a jiffy. Dettol circled all around us and kept telling kids there were better things to do. Once again housekeeping and safety rules were brought up as a challenge and a job that seems always unfinished. Few kids clearly flout the safety rules while using tools for woodwork. They were all reminded of the rules and all of them got their last warnings. 

Music Facilitator:

Music is an element we thought was completely missing from LC life. So we got a young guitar player/teacher to visit us. He came with his guitar and played some really nice music. All the kids gathered and sang along, though some were distracted by dettol. We are looking for someone who will rather educate us in music appreciation. Listening to different kinds of music and understanding its beats, rhythm and melody. If you know of anyone who could volunteer to teach us this please let us know.

Food for thought:

We as facilitators always juggle with this idea of how much free will is appropriate. What is this fine line of balance between independence and interdependence?

If you have some feedback/thoughts please write to us or stop by for a chat! Until next time!