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Newsletter Issue 19: Yr 20-21

Dear all,

This is the last newsletter of this year. Soon we can bid adieu to one of the most significant years of our lives ever lived. Unless some of us are still here for a 100 more years! 

Every week we begin with a statement saying that this week was eventful, but I think this week was more eventful than all previous weeks. 

Sion Fort

At the insistence of many kids we decided to hike up to the Sion Fort, which is closeby a mere walking distance of 20 mins. This can seem like a long time when extremely excited kids walk along you. We also had few parent volunteers so we could match their numbers and energy…:) But it turned out to be a flop since we reached there at 10 and the garden coincidentally closes at 10 too. Corona times you see! 

Obviously our kids started scheming and brainstormed a few ideas. One of the ideas was climbing the fort wall, tricking the security guard and then finally someone suggested maturely, “Let’s behave like good kids, so that the watchmen feel pity on us.” None of the requests worked and finally we had to come back. With excitement deflated few kids suggested we should at least take a taxi back to LC since it's soooo far away. SInce the facilitators goofed up the trip. They had to pay back somehow. Samosas and nimbu pani, it was!

कर के सीखो

Kids tried to finish up their projects which they had started the previous week. Some painted it, cut it, filed it and few lost interest. You will be able to see when the finished products come to your home. Housekeeping after these sessions is always a challenge. Kids just ran away after their work was complete. We discussed at length about this during the judiciary.

Friday Food

This time’s food was chocolate fudge. It tasted like eclairs, gooey and extremely chocolatey. The demand was high and supply limited. Each of us got only as much as the temple “prasad”. Apparently there was a lot of adulteration while cooking itself. Lots of batter was eaten before it was cooked for checking the proportions, kuch kam zyada, unees bees etc.

Going to the Garden

Henceforth we have decided to visit the gardens on friday mornings. Last friday we waited for everyone to arrive in the morning but by the time we all assembled, it was 10 and we had to skip. Few kids got really furious and the late comers had the bear the brunt.


The judiciary meeting this time was very elaborate and systematic. We discussed a few issues regarding manhandling of dettol. Quite evidently she or he has not been showing up at our place for the past few days. 

Some raised objections about others not attending sessions. But the very important agenda that was discussed was that of consequences and its gradations. There is going to be zero tolerance for anyone flouting safety rules. Hard consequences were also issued to those who carelessly crossed the road during our walk to the Sion Fort. 


We are consciously trying to broaden our reach on the music front. Please help us out if you find any facilitator who can engage with the kids in a democratic way. 

This week we had a young visitor, Ananya who is a cellist and is learning classical english music. All of us were seeing the cello for the first time in our lives. Cello looks like a super big violin and is pronounced as “Chello” and not “sello”, we were told. Along with her mother Suchitra they got music encyclopedia and were very enthusiastic to show us the various instruments and how they are arranged in a chamber orchestra. She also played us some music and there were lots of recommendations. All of us were doing wow and going gaga. She played the soundtracks of Harry Potter, Avengers, Sound of Music, Abba and many more. She also made tiny handmade soaps for us.


The next day Ananya and Suchitra got their pet, Bolt who is a golden retriever pup. The kids went berserk when they saw him. Some were afraid though but gladly stood beside and enjoyed the scene. Others cuddled him and instructed him, “Sit”, “No”, etc. He was happy to be petted and rubbed. 


Zubin pulled out yet another feather from his cap. And Judo it was. He had brought his attire along and we had a Judo introductory session for an hour. Apparently, Judo is not all about fighting like other martial arts. The meaning of Judo is gentle way. We were shown few techniques of throwing the opponent with whatever body weight with simple physics like understanding. There was also a final showdown where all girls Vs. Zubin and all boys Vs. Zubin took place. It was the most fun to watch. The girls group strategized and planned while the boys attacked Zubin impromptly without much thought and they lost.


Just reminding all to pay this year’s remaining fees. Details of the same were sent in the previous newsletter. 

Food for thought

At last we wanted to leave you with this wonderful blog from Sudbury Valley School. It is about something very relevant, “Preparing for the real world”. Here’s the link, Do reflect on this and let us know how we can make our place better and more happening!


That’s all for this year. Even though 2020 has been challenging for us otherwise, this one will be a real special one for us. Thank you!

Happy Holidays!