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Newsletter Issue 1; Yr 20-21

Welcome to Sadhana LC!

This is the very first issue of our Newsletter, and we are very excited to reach out to you!

Amidst COVID19 ever challenging situation, we contemplated a lot since beginning of June, regarding when to start LC. Finally we began from July 1st. We are going to be slow and will try to be steady, with understanding, situation may change any day.

This week was full of excitement, meeting friends, playing, telling stories about how we spent vacation, cleaning and setting up space. I am sure this will continue even through the second week.

Following points were discussed during circle time
  1. What you liked about LC last year?
  2. What you did not like? (and would throw out of the window :-) )
  3. What new you would like to incorporate?
Everyone participated in the discussions. We tried to break the barriers between facilitators and learners.

The concept of goal setting was introduced to children. A few of them opted for designer goal chart printouts. Some preferred monthly sheets, whereas some preferred weekly. Some opted not to set goals formally.

AV time and content permissible consumed more than one hours circle time.
Following concerns were raised and solutions were found by children
  1. Content not allowed at LC - Pornography, Videogames and You-tube videos related to videogames, standup comedies, movies (Except for movie club)
  2. Unlimited access to platforms like Khan academy, skill share, Sketchup, MS paint, Udemy, etc, ERP software, Ted-Ed,
  3. Limited access (1hr per week per child - DIY, 5 min craft, You-tube videos
  4. Who will keep a check on time? Someone suggested "Man is master of his own destiny!" and hence each one will keep a self-check.

General safety issues were addressed as follows, almost all suggestions came from children:
  1. Jungle gym Use: Mats and pillows must. Fans off
  2. Carpentry and other tools: Use of tools will be demonstrated by facilitators. No one will sit in vicinity of table while in use.
  3. Battle: Consent of opponent is needed before battle. Hitting above neck and private parts not allowed.

Children enjoyed playing frisbee, 3-D puzzles, playing Casio, being on jungle gym and informal role-plays like 'Chudel-chudel, oxy-foxy'

Taking maximum health-care precautions, we hope to continue this journey!

Stay updated! Enjoy!