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Newsletter Issue 25: Yr 20-21

13 Feb 2021

Dear Parents,

Happy Valentine’s Day! Let’s look at the highlights of this week. There are quite a few things we have started new this week.

टिकाउ Mop Competition

We observed that our Sanjeevani Mausi is not having an adequate tool for doing the mopping job. Hence decided to take a crack at designing a mop for her. This is essentially a design competition which will require teams to provide a drawing, design brief which will include the need for this tool, what is currently missing and how to better it and finally a working prototype. The kids were asked to pair up with their “unfavouritest” friend in LC, we thought this will create bonding opportunities for them. But hardly did we expect them to come and tell us that they don’t have an “unfavouritest” friend in LC. Silently we were glad that they didn’t pick us...hahaha!

Result of this competition will be announced on Wednesday with our Sanjeevani Mausi and KKS team as judges. 

Warming up for the day

We have started doing warm up sessions everyday for the past week. Kids will take turns to conduct the session. We figured that everytime the kids begin any sports or gymnastics session there is a good 20 min worth warming up exercises. So it seems like a good and necessary routine to have. Hoping this will continue at least for some time. 


In relation to our geography session, we watched about 45 mins of the movie “Seven Years in Tibet” which is a story of the young Dalai Lama and an Austrian mount climber. At first I thought they won’t be interested in watching something without music and comedy. But I was surprised at the questions they were asking. 

We have had lots of discussions on its politics, China’s assertions, culture, buddihist religion and heard the few teachings of the Dalai Lama.

Gender Equality/Stereotyping 

Remember we discussed in the last newsletter that there was a clear distinction among the behaviors of girls and boys when it comes to few activities at the centre. So we conducted a small exercise with the kids. Sort of like a survey, which was to understand whom they thought was responsible for various jobs, chores and activities concerning their family. Like who does cooking, cleaning, earning money, reading newspapers, etc. and which of these activities they would like to do. Sorry if it has spilled some beans but your secrets are safe with us…:) Next part of this survey, meaning discussions on gender specific roles and why our society is so rigid in this matter will be discussed this week. 


We conclude the much debated issue on video games. The discussions went on for a long time and some of the kids got bored and walked away. Few others persuaded them and brought them back to the meeting. So finally this is what we have decided...No video games (12/14 votes), no videos of others playing video games (10/14 votes) and there will be a buddy system which will ensure that there's a self check put in place so that one does not exceed the allotted AV time. 

There was an interesting observation about democracy and how it gets executed in LC. The primary vehicle for its execution is debate. Talk and talk which our kids are getting better at day by day.

Cricket Coaching Academy

As some of you have already joined our Saturday excursion to the coaching academy. Tucked in the industrial estate of Kurla LBS marg we were surprised to find an up to date cricket coaching facility. 6 coaches, green turf and nets! A perfect combination for highly excited kids. Sachin who is the proprietor of the academy, along with the head coach expressed their vision and how they can help us. We are a centre which will put the interests of the children first, so let us discuss as a group to figure out if we want to take this forward at all. If so then how? Please let us know what you think by stopping by when you drop kids or just call us.

We have a pending family picnic due for some time now. Let us know if you have some ideas where we could go just for a day.

Until next week...