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Newsletter Issue 2; Yr 20-21

Happy Monsoon to all!

"What do u do when u get angry?"

Everyone faced this question, this week. Pleased to know, that almost all the children were well aware of this emotion, 'anger'. Everyone expressed what happens to them when they are angry and how they react.
Few interesting answers that we received were
  1. Hitting my father
  2. Closing and banging the door
  3. Going into a shell, and getting provoked if someone tried to communicate
  4. sreaming, kicking and biting others
  5. Sitting on the bench outside the house.
We further tried to delve into the reasons. But, I think that will take a little time.

While conversating with children, we understood that all big ones know about "George Floyd' and 'Black lives matter'.
It was very interesting to know about the awareness of children.

Also, one of the children is training one of the facilitators in different language, informally. Its interesting to observe the enthusiasm of adult learner and young facilitator. Both are doing commendable job. :-)

Different interests and explorations
Different kids were seen to be taking interest in different things, and exploring
  1. Sketch-up. There are a couple of them, who start their day with sketchup, building houses and different structures
  2. Map game, locating different places on maps
  3. Maths worksheets
  4. Climbing on and jumping from the jungle gym
  5. Skating
  6. Crochet knitting.
  7. Battle games

Place set-up
The setting up of place is in process. This week we called the person to get the grills remade. Facilitators also did a lot of market search in order to get corksheets at the most economical rate. Soon, children and different corners will have their own tack boards.
The chartered accountant of the company was also looped in this week. Soon the tax-work will also be done.

Conversation with new parents
Some enthusiastic parents had approached in order to understand more about learning center. One couple has started sending their daughters to LC for trial period. We understand that magic is in number. Also, every child that comes in, brings some flavor of his/her own. We hope we will grow steadily.

This is all for the past week.
Stay tuned for the updates!