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Newsletter Issue 3; Yr 20-21

Hello all,

Writing to you after a long, unexpected gap! 

Things at LC are slowly coming back to routine. What we understand from these unprecedented breaks is many of us are not happy sitting at home. Children wish to come to LC everyday :))

Highlights of last few weeks

Sandwich making activity was a big hit. Everyone meticulously got whatever was decided and not decided too. Everyone participated in jobs according their own liking and enjoyed eating sandwich.

Kids drenched in rains too. They are now quite familiar with the idea where to keep towel and change of clothes before going out. Most of them are able to change their clothes on their own or at least seek help and offer to the friends.

Once on a bright day, when municipality workers had come for fogging, all enjoyed playing Red-letter, lock and key, chain tag in the outer space. 

Circle time and weekly meetings

As we are learning community, we constantly feel a need that everyone comes together some time in the day and discuss what they like/dont like/ any problems or issues faced/ something important that happened etc. 

Since this need was common for all, everyone agreed that we need circle time. After some contemplation, it was decided to have it in the morning at 09:15, once all reach to the center. Along with sharing, this circle is also utilized to make important decisions and expressing complaints. So, everyone’s presence is appreciated.

One of the learners suggested that when someone does not reach by 09:15, we need to wait for that person. But as suggested by other learner, this wait cannot go too long; latest we will start a meeting by 09:25.

In this week’s discussion following points were discussed

Jungle gym needs to be modified according to children’s needs and ideas. There is a need for a ladder, sitting arrangement on top and slide if possible. Separate meeting will be called by the ones who are taking initiative, once they are ready with a rough plan.
Someone wants to make a bamboo-bench
Someone suggested a study buddy method, where in that person can be a buddy to others for specific subject/topic. It was decided that everyone will make a list of what they are good at. Others can then work accordingly with the buddy
For this week’s Friday Food - Cake is finalized. The required ingredients will be conveyed to each by the Food-leader
Someone raised a topic of bringing a dog to LC. That will be a pet dog at someone’s place, and whether it can spend a day at center with others. It had a mixed response, so separate meeting will be conducted to discuss issues regarding dogs. But it was specifically suggested to attend the meeting to those who have problems, so that their points can be noted and solutions could be found out (suggested by our little learner ::)))
In the same discussion, someone asked what if dog does potty inside?(toilet training) What if it scratches/bites, etc.. Someone also said that whatever we make for Friday food, we need to offer it to the dog as well :-)). 
Someone said that there is a need to look at the conditions of books in LC periodically, and repairs to be done if needed. (Since, the one she had got was with a torn cover)
While the minutes were noted, one of the learners made sure that all his points are noted down along with the name
Learners also mentioned in brief what they would like to do/learn - e.g. Team Frisbee, gymnastics, jumping from top of jungle gym, khan academy, setting up of space and corners, making a flower bed, etc.

Space related
  LC bought some useful furniture from a playschool which had to unfortunately shut down. After isolating the stuff for a couple of weeks it was decided to use. Thanks to all parents, on Sunday we could move the shelves to hobby zone and set up maths and crafts corner. We look for similar team work on coming Friday too, to set up the rest of the shelves.

With help of Jagnnath Anna, the roof cleaning and putting extra tarpoullin and fixing with tape has been done. So far there is no leakage from roof. 
Also, the branches, twigs have been cleared now. Facilitators, too, are learning different life skills in the whole process

According to the calender shared previously, “Lets samazte hain” was to be conducted on 08th August. But it looks difficult to organize any meetings for another month or so.

Nevertheless, please feel free to revert back with any queries, questions, feedbacks. We are more than happy to receive that!

Wishing all good health! Hoping to continue without break anymore!