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Newsletter Issue 5; Yr 20-21

Hello all,

This was the week of Birthdays celebrations and Ganapati festival. We enjoyed the cake, samosa and home-made cookies on occasion of two birthdays and Modak as prasadam.

Highlights of last few weeks

Tussle over food preparation
In the review and suggestions on Friday Food day, one of the learners expressed that last times’s cake making was big chaos. Since many people participate in the activity, it does not turn out to be well-organized event. Hence, it was suggested that only ‘two people’ will participate in making food. 
This was opposed by someone arguing that ‘making food is learning opportunity for all’ and two people making food means denying the opportunity to others. 
We thought of considering both options and trying things out alternate week. It did not solve the problem.
Someone suggested we vote on this. As a facilitator, we thought its a good opportunity to go to the root cause and analyse situation; rather than just vote. So, pros and cons of both the ways was listed down. After the analysis situation was clear. But this made the other learner lose control on the emotions, and start crying. After giving time to settle, it was understood that, that one wanted to participate in all food activities. But asking the food minister every week whether one can help or not, was something uncomfortable. All the while the first learner was very calm and did not bring emotions in situation at all.

At the end, it was decided that every week one food minister will be appointed. That person will decide how many will participate in food activity.

All such small discussions help everyone grow. How to put forth one’s point, how to debate, analyze, consider other’s side, and overcome one’s own emotions. :))

Place set-up
As a final leg of setting up the place, we drilled, nailed and put up the soft boards/ white boards at different places with help of small ones. Children were excited to hammer nails. Now everyone has a display board in LC

Newspaper and circle time
Gathering of people in Wuhan and California Tornado were attractions from newspaper.
Someone said that circle time is not so interesting. But apart from morning circle time, when we were together and still expressing our opinions and talking our hearts, that was "not boring'. Probably, the official activity where we sit together and listen to others is something that becomes boring. It was also noticed and brought up to everyone's attention, that we all are interested in talking. But hardly anyone listens. The cross talks, tangential talks make the circle disturbing.

To our surprise, one of the learners was found to be talking irrespective of others are listening or not. That one also expressed, 'its ok if nobody listens' :))
One of the learners was also found to be sad and non-participative, because immediate demands (making worksheet) was not fulfilled. :))

This week hindi was started in the form of story telling, introduction to barakhadi. Stories of Jawaharlal Nehru and Vallabhbhai Patel were told. In Origami, everyone made swan. 

Along with jungle gym, skipping ropes,and skating; ‘dongar ka/ya pani’ and ‘flag game’ were in demand this week. Children also enjoyed guess who, cards, UNO were also 

Everyday different worksheets are being made for everyone. Some opt to solve it then and there. Some take it home and solve and bring it back. Again, its not a compulsory activity and we are sure everyone will pick the worksheets some day, either with self-motivation or looking at others.

Thats all for today.
Stay tuned for the coming Newsletter!